Trudeau greeted again by protesters in Ontario

The Liberal Leader Justin trudeau spends the day Friday in southern Ontario. Already at his first event he was greeted by a handful of very angry people shouting insults at him.

Mr. Trudeau is back in the area about a week and a half after receiving stones thrown by a protester in the City of London.

He was visiting the University of Windsor on Friday morning to reiterate some of his health funding commitments and to castigate the Conservative Party’s promises. Five nursing students were behind him during the press conference.

Meanwhile, a woman was shouting into a megaphone and others were playing loud music in the distance. At one point, a man climbed up a metal structure in the building next door to hurl an insult at the Liberal leader.

Mr. Trudeau said he was “very, very happy to be back” in the region and issued a warning to those who would disrupt his tour.

“There is no one who is going to stop me from campaigning all over the country because we have an important message to send about the future that we are going to build and there is no one who is going to help us. prevent sharing the positive message of hope with Canadians, ”he said.

As they left the place of his announcement, it was rather dozens of liberal supporters who tried to bury the few angry demonstrators with applause and chants of “four more years”.

A few fingers of honor were pointed in the direction of the chief’s bus when the chief left.

Minority, majority?

Despite repeated attempts by reporters, Trudeau refused to speculate on the future of his party, which could form a majority, minority, or defeat government on Monday.

Finally, a journalist told him, when the press briefing ended: “Would you be comfortable with a minority government? “

“No, me, my goal is to get the greatest number of Liberals elected across Canada so that we can continue to demonstrate the kind of strong leadership on the big issues,” replied Mr. Trudeau.

“And I am very optimistic that we are going to do exactly that, elect as many Liberals as possible,” he added, taking care to avoid pronouncing the word “majority”.

Once again, Trudeau called on progressive voters who are considering voting for the Bloc Quebecois, the New Democratic Party where the Green Party of Canada think twice before going to the ballot box.

“I ask these [électeurs]-to be […] to take five minutes to contrast our plan for the environment with what the experts are saying, and the plans put forward by other parties, ”he said.

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