Trudeau and Singh turn to grocery conspiracies for high food prices

Wild claims by coalition partners show how out of touch they are with daily struggle of Canadians

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I have seen the true villains in Canada, and they are the grocers of this land! If you haven’t heard, the people who sell us our food are the true enemies of Canada and the Canadian people.

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On Wednesday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spent several minutes during question period attacking Loblaws and their supposed lobbyist. Meanwhile, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh denounced a Conservative MP over his family ties to big grocers though the ownership of Giant Tiger.

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Yes, that’s right, Giant Tiger, the little discount store that grew out of Ottawa’s Byward Market into a chain of more than 250 stores from P.E.I. to Alberta is the real culprit. Singh took to Twitter to warn us all that longtime Conservative MP Scott Reid has been told by the ethics commissioner not to vote on Singh’s bill “to lower grocery prices” because of a conflict.

“The Conflict of Interest Commissioner ruling has exposed his deep ties to Corporate Grocery that has profited millions,” Singh posted.

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Perhaps the man who wears custom-made three-piece suits and Rolex watches doesn’t understand what Giant Tiger is, but millions of average Canadians do. It is a discount store that offers cheap prices on a range of clothing, household goods and, yes, groceries.

This week, my local Giant Tiger flyer is offering a three-pound bag of potatoes for $1.44, a damn good price. A three-pack of romaine hearts is going for $3.97 and there is a whole range of frozen pub food on sale for $8.99 a box just in time for Super Bowl.

If Singh thinks Giant Tiger is the problem, he isn’t ever going to find the answer. And his bill to “lower grocery prices” is never going to pass and if it ever did, there would be no change.

Mr. Drive a BMW in his bespoke suit with a Rolex watch and a $2,000 bicycle in the trunk really needs to sit this one out. Singh wouldn’t know what low-income Canadians deal with, where they shop or how they cope with the prices spiraling out of control thanks in part to the government he keeps in office.

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As for Trudeau, there seemed to be a moment during question period on Wednesday when the answer to every question was Jenni Byrne works for Loblaws. Byrne is one of Poilievre’s top advisors and ran his leadership campaign and despite what Trudeau claims, doesn’t work for Loblaws and isn’t their lobbyist.

Yet, when Poilievre asked Trudeau about the very real problem of auto theft, he responded that Poilievre’s top strategist works for Loblaws. When Poilievre responded with the fact that several current and former Trudeau staffers have worked for Loblaws or been lobbyists for the firm, it didn’t stop Trudeau from attacking the Conservatives and Loblaws.

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The truth is, Byrne and her firm don’t do any federal lobbying and Byrne said in a phone call that she’s never even met Galen Weston, the head of Loblaws.

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Trudeau is desperate to throw anything he can at the Conservatives and hope that it sticks and that he can regain his popularity with voters. If only he were as devoted to taking action to lower inflation on the core items Canadians need to get by like rents, mortgages and, yes, groceries.

His out-of-control spending has been a contributing factor to the astronomical inflation rates Canadians have had to deal with the last several years, as has his ever increasing carbon tax. Yet, presented with evidence that his own policies are part of the problem, Trudeau denies it and attacks an advisor to the leader of the Opposition as the reason for rising grocery prices.

With their antics this week, Trudeau and Singh have proven that they and their Liberal-NDP coalition are past their best-before dates.

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