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A trophy hunter who was known for killing large animals and helping others do the same has been shot and left for dead on the side of a road in South Africa, police have confirmed.

Riaan Naude, 55, was the owner and founder of Pro Hunt Africaa tour group that facilitates paid wildlife hunting trips in the Limpopo province in the northeast of the country.

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According to local reports, Naude was found dead next to his truck on June 8 near the Kruger National Park.

A Limpopo police representative told reporters that Naude was found lying on his backwith blood on his face and head.

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“The deceased was carrying two hunting weapons, clothing, water, whiskey, nightwear and many live bullets as if he was going hunting and camping somewhere around Sterkrevier as there are many game farms with wild animals in the area.” said Lt. Col. Mamphaswa Seabi said: according to local media.

Reports say Naude was shot when pulled over on the side of the road while experiencing vehicle trouble. A nearby cattle herder reportedly heard the shot and witnessed a truck speed away.

A look at Naude’s Instagram feed shows the hunter and others posing next to large dead animalsincluding elephants and giraffes.

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Trophy hunting, despite its controversy, is legal in South Africa. In fact, the country recently increased its death quotas for 2022to allow the killing of 10 leopards, 150 elephants and 10 black rhinos.

Seabi told reporters that they are still trying to find a reason for Naude’s murder.

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“At this time the motive for the attack and subsequent murder is unknown,” he said, adding that they have not linked the murder to Naude’s affinity for trophy hunting.

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Naude charged his clients $350 a day for the hunt, $2,500 for a crocodile and $1,500 for a giraffe, according to Pro Hunt Africa’s price list.

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