Trivial 2021: how much do you know about the personalities who said goodbye to us?

Suicide of Veronica Forqué put the tragic closure to a year that has cruelly attacked culture and entertainment. Cancer beat the writer Almudena Grandes and also to hurricane Raffaella Carrà; the drummer of the Rolling Stones, Charlie Watts; a Georgie Dann, the king of the summer song, and the economist Arcadi Oliveres. And Parkinson’s turned off the urban planner Oriol Bohigas, the tennis player Manolo santana and the singer Franco Battiato. They also said goodbye to us Philip of Edinburgh, husband of Elizabeth II, two months after turning 100, and the actor Jean-Paul Belmondo, buried in Paris with honors. Here we remind you with this quiz. How much did you know about all of them?

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