Trilla predicts two weeks of increased infections and asks to postpone dinners

The head of epidemiology at Hospital Clínic, Antoni trilla, has predicted this Saturday that there are at least two weeks of increase in infections due to covid-19 and that “we are approaching the less favorable scenarios”, which is why he has asked that pre-Christmas meetings and dinners be postponed, advocating to postpone them to the beginning of the year, if the data improves.

In an interview on TV-3, Trilla has warned that the cases of covid-19 are increasing more rapidly than the initial forecasts indicated, which places us before a “possible loss of control” in the follow-up of positive people and their contacts.

At the moment, at the Hospital Clinic, interventions have not been deprogrammed due to this rise in cases, although Trilla has stated that in other “large” hospitals in the city of Barcelona it has been done, without citing them. “Reaching 400 or 500 people in ICUs would mean deprogramming” operations, he has warned. According to the data provided this Saturday by the Department of Health, there are 976 people admitted to Catalan hospitals, of which 234 are seriously ill in the ICU.

Dr. Trilla has asked the population to remember that we are still in pandemic And he has discouraged pre-Christmas meetings, which can be left for later, he has opined, because they are long, they are done without a mask, and therefore, the conditions are given for them to be “events of great transmission” of the virus.

He also indicated that since colds and snot are now also detected, the perception of citizens towards the covid “is different” and the idea that the disease “has milder forms” is more widespread, which ends up leading to a “relaxation ” general. Trilla recalled that testing for antigens gives a “security plus” as long as the rest of the measures are met, but they are not 100% reliable especially if the result is negativeas the person undergoing the test may still have a low viral load.

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According to Trilla, healthcare pressure is shifting from primary care to hospitals, with more serious patients. Half of the patients admitted to hospitals are people vaccinated with some underlying disease or of advanced age. In general, they return home in a few days, according to Trilla. The other half are mostly unvaccinated young people who develop the disease in a similar way to the first waves. On the other hand, the doctor warned, those patients who enter the ICU are “weeks” and, if they succeed, it is very difficult for them to recover.

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