Tribute to Rambo

In Quebec City this weekend, Rambo hailed “warriors in Ottawa,” warriors funded in part by Trump’s American friends. But thanks to national emergency measures, Canada’s law enforcement agencies, including the Sûreté du Québec, were finally able to expel them from Ottawa, which had been transformed into an entrenched camp for more than 21 days.

In Quebec, on Saturday, Rambo and his acolytes threw stuffed animals at children. Rambo, bogeyman of democracy who has only freedom in his mouth, apparently dreams of a national role in a Quebec rid of François Legault.

“We have demonstrated peacefully twice. I hope the government will return the favor to us, ”launched the star organizer, a stuffed animal in his hand.

In other words, if the demonstrations in Quebec have been peaceful, it is neither thanks to the Prime Minister, nor thanks to the courage shown by the mayor of Quebec, nor thanks to the discipline and professionalism of the Quebec Police Service. , but thanks to the adorable organizers who f…k Trudeau and Legault.


Rambo and his cronies consider themselves heroes. If Rambo ran Quebec with the grip he used during his career as a union leader to intimidate his opponents, “dirty dog ​​cries”, Quebec society would be better off.

In fact, these clan tribunes announce their intentions. “Returning the favor” is an unequivocal expression. Rambo believes that he and his accomplices saved Quebec from the mayhem that existed in Ottawa. The government must therefore sit down and agree to give in to their social and political demands.

The demonstrators were invited as part of the activities to a “meditation with the angels”. A “spiritual teacher” encouraged them to recognize the “effects of 3D” and to “co-create the new Earth”.

François Legault should then give up his place on “the new Earth”.

And we, the Quebec majority, will walk on the moon.

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