Trial of Véronique Manceaux for murder | Key witness refuses to testify and could be charged with contempt of court

A young murderer, a key witness for the Crown, abruptly ended his almost hostile testimony Wednesday at the trial of Véronique Manceaux, his alleged accomplice in the murder of Jimmy Méthot. The judge gave him a final warning: if he does not testify on Thursday, he will be charged with contempt of court.

“Honestly, I’ve had enough. It’s silly. Accuse me of contempt and let’s get it over with. I’m sorry,” the young witness suddenly blurted out to the jury. His response was the climax of extremely difficult testimony Wednesday. All day, the young man pretended to have no memory of anything.

However, this 20-year-old man – who cannot be identified – is not a witness like any other at the trial of Véronique Manceaux. He pleaded guilty to the first degree murder of Jimmy Méthot and was sentenced to nine years of “youth” detention, since he was a teenager at the time of the facts.

A witness cannot simply decide not to testify. It’s an “obligation,” Judge Daniel Royer reminded the jury. The magistrate thus gave the witness the night to think. If he still refuses to testify Thursday morning, he will be cited for contempt of court. “It could have serious consequences for his life,” the judge said.

From the start of his testimony, the young man set the tone by claiming to remember neither the circumstances of the murder nor having pleaded guilty and nor even… the name of his victim.

The 20-year-old man stuck to monosyllabic responses throughout his testimony. No matter the questions, he was reluctant to answer.

The young man half-heartedly conceded that he had pleaded guilty to first-degree murder. What was his involvement? The young man claims not to remember it.

However, he admitted under oath many facts in this case by pleading guilty, underlined Mr.e Guillaume. “I don’t remember,” the witness replied in English.

His memory problems don’t stop there. The young murderer says he does not even know who the accused, Véronique Manceaux, is, or who was present in the house on the fateful evening.

According to the Crown’s theory, Jimmy Méthot was murdered by Véronique Manceaux on September 6, 2021 in her residence in Lachine. That night, the teenager (the witness), a woman, the accused, Everett Roger Clayton and the victim were there.

During the evening, a conflict broke out between Véronique Manceaux and Jimmy Méthot. The accused and the young witness then allegedly beat the victim.

At one point, Jimmy Méthot managed to flee, but the teenager caught up with him. The attackers offered the victim a “last meal”. Desperate, Jimmy Méthot tried to flee again. “I don’t want to die like this,” he begged. It was during his flight that Véronique Manceaux ultimately stabbed him, according to the Crown.


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