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Sara Paola Galico Félix Díaz and Jorge Alberto Rizo Oñate were among the 11 passengers of the Embraer registration XA-MHA of the airline FlyMex held yesterday at La Aurora airport, in Guatemala. She had been in charge of the Secretariat of Tourism of the government of Mexico City for two months and yesterday she would have led the awarding of the 11th date of the Formula 1 world championship, which was run at the Hermanos Rodríguez Autodrome.

For being a VIP passenger – and not for the cash confiscated by the authorities of that Nation – she has been subjected to derision. In the Fourth Transformation, luxuries are often assumed to be theft. Exhibited on social networks, the former official faced the controversy in a pitiful way and had to offer her resignation, to enforce the principles of Republican austerity.

Even earlier, Galico Félix had faced criticism for his family ties, his political relationships that date back to his partisan militancy, and his closeness to the current presidential family.

A political career that began in 2015, after a discreet passage through the music scene. His mother, a former officer in the Mexican Army, has been the main driver of his political career, which began near Jesús Sesma, in the PVEM of the capital after his first attempt to be nominated for a popularly elected position in Nueva Alianza failed. Close to René Fujiwara Gordillo – Elba Esther’s grandson – blocked his way.

His family ties with two former presidents of Mexico —Porfirio Díaz and Carlos Salinas de Gortari—, but especially his closeness with activist Rosi Orozco, were his best letter of introduction then. Morena jumped from the green bench after confronting the mayor of Cuajimalpa, Adrián Ruvalcaba, whom he accused of exercising gender violence and obstructing his political career.

Galico Félix joined the Morenoist bench in 2017 and competed against Ruvalcaba for the delegational government, without success. In 2018 he joined the capital government, as head of the Mixed Tourism Promotion Fund.

11 months ago, the also former head of the Mixed Tourism Promotion Fund of CDMX turned to social networks to argue about her religious wedding, held in the parish of San Agustín in the middle of a red traffic light, after the head of government made her a public astonishment for her conduct, although two months later he named her a member of his cabinet, replacing Carlos Mackinlay.

In the making was the organization of the Day of the Dead Parade, an event that would fully resume economic activities after 18 months of health contingency. Galico Félix directly awarded the contract to businessman Alejandro Gou, who traveled to Guatemala last Friday, the 5th, and was among the Mexican citizens held at the airport by immigration authorities.

Both were pointed out on social networks last Saturday, the 6th, as those allegedly responsible for having introduced $ 25,000 to the neighboring nation without having declared them. “I am in Guatemala at a social event to which I was invited. I traveled on a private flight, “he replied,” it is false that I was detained and that the flight was paid for by a provider. I have not committed any illegal activity but I have decided to make my resignation available to Claudia Sheinbaum ”.

The sponsor of the VIP transfer to the wedding of Carla Humphrey and Santiago Nieto would have been businessman Juan Francisco Ealy Ortiz. The rental of the FlyMex aircraft – the Abed family’s firm – cannot be attributed to him, as some newspaper accounts suggest. Others referred, also incorrectly, that there were a thousand invited to the liaison between the electoral counselor and the federal official, which occurred on a hacienda in Antigua, Guatemala, for family reasons rather than for security reasons. Confidentiality, however, was a mandatory condition for the attendees, who even with their signature promised not to reveal details of the event.

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