Transport robbery mobilizes operators in Querétaro

Queretaro, Qro. operators of the Mexican Alliance of Organization of Carriers (Amotac) joined the national strike to demand safety conditions when traveling on the country’s highways.

The general director of Amotac, Omar Ortiz, stated that each month in the state there are an average of three to four robberies against carriers; Some of the red lights are located in San Juan del Río, Pedro Escobedo, as well as on the border with Apaseo El Grande, Guanajuato.

At the local level, he explained, they have managed to work hand in hand with the state government to be able to inhibit this incidence; however, the risk increases when they circulate through other regions of the country.

“In the state we still have a very low number (of transportation robbery), that is why we continue to join forces with the National Guard, with the municipal police and with the state government, so that this continues, but unfortunately we not only we circulate in the state, we have to go out throughout the Republic to supply the basic basket, to do tourism services and in other states we find ourselves in this situation, ”he explained.

Only this year, he explained, to date around 2,000 robberies of transporters in the country are reported, however, he added that there are crimes that are not reported for fear of reprisals.

“Sometimes the companions are afraid of reprisals, because when they are robbed they steal their belongings and they tell them that if they declare and denounce it, they already have it located, that is why the (thefts) that are registered are less than those that happen” , he exposed.

Faced with this situation, he explained, they have chosen to restrict the hours in which they circulate on the country’s highways, in order to reduce risks.

Even when there is not a high incidence of theft in Querétaro, local carriers circulate through various high-incidence areas, in addition to detecting red lights in surrounding entities, he explained.

“Fortunately, in Querétaro we have not reached these situations (operator murders), we have worked with the state government and with municipalities so that this situation does not reach us, unfortunately we have neighboring states such as Guanajuato, Jalisco, Michoacán, State of Mexico that we cannot say the same situation”, he mentioned.

Therefore, operators from Querétaro joined the national strike of carriers, through two points: in the state capital, on the side of federal highway 57 and in the municipality of San Juan del Río, where they parked their units of manifestation.


At the national level, the association raised various requests to the authorities of the various levels of government: road safety, that the National Guard intervene to curb criminal incidence against the sector; official rates for transport, to be able to renew the units.

As well as prohibiting double articulated vehicles, due to the risk of accidents; reduce the cost of traveling on highways, because they are in poor condition; They refused to pay for municipal permits when entering cities.

In addition, they requested an extension of the term to comply with the Carta Porte complement; reduction in fuel prices, among other demands.

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