Transactions in the LPHF | “It’s part of the business now”

LPHF players understand that their new professional status also comes with a new reality, that of being able to be traded at any time. However, it is not easy to adapt to it…

The general manager of the Montreal team, Danièle Sauvageau, concluded her first transaction on Monday, the trade deadline in the Professional Women’s Hockey League (LPHF). She acquired Ottawa team defender Amanda Boulier in exchange for Czech forward Tereza Vanisova.

Obviously, this is the first time that the players have had to deal with the departure of one of their own. This exchange is, in a way, a reminder that they may be called upon to change teams, cities and teammates at any time.

“It’s never fun to lose a teammate, someone who was appreciated in the locker room, but it’s part of the business now. We have to expect that there will be exchanges,” said Catherine Daoust after the team’s training at the Verdun Auditorium.

Of course, I was waiting for the deadline arrives quite quickly. I was eager to know if there would be any (trades). I was hoping it wouldn’t be me because I love playing for Montreal. With Tereza’s announcement, things are a bit confusing. (…) Of course it was difficult, but we deal with.

Catherine Daoust


Catherine Daoust

Ann-Renée Desbiens was in the middle of moving when the transaction was announced. It was her brother who called her. If she said she was “very sad” to see a teammate, her locker room neighbor leave, the 29-year-old goalkeeper also recalled the facts: “This is the reality in which we live now. It’s just going to happen again and again. You have to get used to it. »

Sauvageau, for her part, spoke of a “heartbreaking” decision. “To be able to get what we needed, there was a price to pay,” she said.

The general manager met Vanisova before her departure, knowing that “the players were nervous this weekend because they knew it could happen.” “I wanted to (meet her) in person. For her, it was difficult to leave Montreal. »

The appeal of the house

The situation is not the same for all players. Take Jillian Dempsey. By being drafted at 11e tour through Montreal, the 33-year-old attacker had to leave, for the very first time in her career, the city of Boston.

On Wednesday morning, she clearly implied that she would have liked to return home on Monday. When RDS colleague Nicolas Landry asked her if she had asked to be traded, Dempsey responded that she “loves Boston.”


Jillian Dempsey (14)

It’s my home, but everyone has been nice to me since I’ve been here (in Montreal).

Jillian Dempsey

When she explained that she missed her family, tears briefly appeared in the corners of her eyes. “My whole life is there. (…) It’s still an adjustment, to be honest. But it’s a job, and you have to do your job. »

“It’s not something we’re used to,” said the veteran. In the past, we had a greater say in where we ended up. This year it is very unexpected. It’s a work. I try to show up at the rink every day, do my job and not think too much about these things, which are out of my control. »

Regarding Tereza Vanisova’s departure, Dempsey admitted that it was a “shock”. “They made it very clear that this is a business, a job. As a player, you don’t really have any choice or say anymore. »

After “Pou”, here is “Bou”

There is “Pou”, for Marie-Philip Poulin, and there is also now “Bou”, for Amanda Boulier.

If there is one who can speak to the new reality of exchanges, it is Boulier, who has lived in a “vortex” over the last 72 hours.


Amanda Boulier (28)

“Every time someone gets traded, it’s a bit of a surprise,” said the defender after her first practice with her new team. “I received a call from the general manager (of Ottawa), he was very cordial. Obviously, I understand. That’s the nature of professional sport. »

Although she admitted not knowing much about Montreal, the 33-year-old American indicated that “until now, everyone has taken care” of her. “Everyone is so welcoming, kind. I received a ton of messages yesterday from the team asking if I needed help getting set up. »

“I’m very lucky because I didn’t have to take my vehicle halfway across the country or go to Minnesota. It was a two hour drive this morning, so that part was really good. »

Regarding Boulier, Danièle Sauvageau spoke of a defender “who plays well in her zone” and “capable of playing in tight spaces”. “Amanda also brings some experience. I look at the group of defenders we have. We now have 8. We are physically and tactically capable of closing (the door to) the opponent. »

Head coach Kori Cheverie seemed very excited about her first meeting with the defender after practice. “We’ve had several good conversations already, and I’ve only been around her for a few hours, so I think she’ll be a good fit here. »

Asked if Boulier’s height, at 5’1”, could be a problem, Cheverie was very clear: “no”.

Day-to-day foal, Long-term bet


Marie-Philip Poulin

It is still unknown whether Marie-Philip Poulin will be able to play in Sunday’s match. The captain, who missed the last two games, skated for about fifty minutes before the team took to the ice on Wednesday morning. “She’s making really good progress,” said Danièle Sauvageau. She was in the gym before going on the ice. Things are going really well at the moment, but we continue to monitor this on a daily basis. I think you saw like me that things are going well. » As for Ann-Sophie Bettez, she has been placed on the long-term injured list, meaning she will not return for at least 21 days.


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