Train Maya and Tulum Airport will be inaugurated in 2023: AMLO

Cancun, QR. In the work shift for the surest of the country, the president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, announced that he had not started work on tracks 6 and 7 Train Mayapromises the inauguration of the project in December 2023, together with the Tulum International Airport.

For this announcement he has acquired 1,200 hectares in the municipality of Felipe Carrillo Puerto for the new air terminal.

“We are acquiring the 1,200 hectares of land for the construction of the new airport, which we will inaugurate in December 2023 and we will not build it until December 2023. We will inaugurate the 1,500 kilometers of Tren Maya, and we will not use it and Tulum. Además, que de Cancun a Tulum todavía estamos viendo lo de los trazos porque no queremos impress nada ”, expuso el mandatario.

“It is believed that in the train from Escárcega to Tulum van will work the military engineers, we will have more time to meet the International Airport Felipe Ángeles on March 21 and if all the military engineers are in this cargo, they are in the tram ( 6 and 7), which is to be the coordination of military engineers ”, added.

López Obrador also announced the Infrastructure Program for the Cancun and Tulum Fortress, which has a combined public investment ratio of 10,000 million people.

The program presented this weekend includes the Vehicular Nichupté Point, at a cost of 4,872 million pounds, which is objectively endowed with a new ingress artery to the Cancun Hotel Zone and traversed by the Nichupté Lagoon. It will carry three-meter carriages of 3.5 meters, one by one, more than one reversible carriel and two entrances of access.

In addition, it will be modernized 11 kilometers from the boulevard Luis Donaldo Colosio which includes the best of bahías for public transport, with parades and alumbrado, at a cost of 900 million pounds.

If the modernization of the entrance to the Cancun International Airport is announced in order to make the 307 block more efficient, then the announced inversion is 200 million pesos.

Para Cancun the project was nominated Construction of Aven Chac Moolwith 1.5 kilometers of extension north of the entrance of the Cancun International Airport and with an inversion of 150 million pounds.

Ambient project

Para TulumPresident López Obrador and Governor Carlos Joaquín González announced the Jaguar National Parkwhich seeks to preserve the urban waste of this region and the Aledañas, as well as to preserve the ambient medium.

For this project, the federal government has one of the first 1,000 hectares to turn into Tulum National Park, the scales are delimited by a perimetral bard; without embarrassment, the intention with the most large space is to conform to a new natural reserve of 260,000 hectares of Tulum and extends beyond the limits of the state of Yucatan.

Title of the Secretariat of Agricultural, Territorial and Urban Development (Sedatu), Román Meyer Falcón, explained that he was also treated by a medium of containment and the expansion of the urban canal, that he had come crying about the forests, manglares, which were in danger of natural richness.

The governor expresses that this natural area protects and creates and will preserve the natural richness of Quintana Roo.

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