• Roberto Carlos is in mourning for the death of his son
  • The Brazilian singer is devastated by the loss of Dudu Braga
  • “Dudu, for us you are unforgettable and irreplaceable”

Roberto Carlos death son Dudu Braga. The loss of a child can be possibly the greatest pain that every father and mother can feel, this feeling has been suffered by one of the most recognized singers in the world, we are talking about the Brazilian Roberto Carlos who is in mourning for the death of his son , according The universal.


The famous singer of classic songs such as “A million friends”, “Trucker” and “The cat is sad and blue”, shared in his account Instagram and Twitter the terrible news of the death of his son Dudu Braga. The Brazilian is in a very sensitive moment and thus he fired his son Roberto Carlos Braga II, dedicating a few words to him.

Roberto Carlos in mourning


“Dudu, to us you are unforgettable and irreplaceable. See you soon! ”Was the message he posted on his social network profile accompanied by a sad video where you can see the life of Dudu Braga since his birth. You also see the best moments they spent as father and son.

The artist’s son was 52 years old and had battled cancer for years. He died at the Israelita Hospital in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Immediately several Internet users reacted to the post of the Brazilian singer where they took the opportunity to send their condolences and messages of support for the artist.

Roberto Carlos death son Dudu Braga: He was born with glaucoma


Roberto Carlos death son Dudu Braga: Reaction of Internet users

Roberto Carlos death son Dudu Braga: Reaction of Internet users

The singer’s followers reacted and sent their support to the Brazilian: “King of strength, may God comfort you”, “My feelings may God comfort the hearts of the family members”, “My. Feelings Jesus comfort your heart ”,“ PEACE AND WELL Dudu, a great dear! ”,“ Strength of the Braga family! ”.

Only the certainty of a reunion makes pain and absence less crazy. Dudu fulfilled his mission in this life with praise and now he follows the paternal side: faith, strength and a lot of courage. For him and for the whole family “,” May God give strength to our King “,” My sentiments my Roberto Carlos and his son’s entire family and may he rest in peace “, were some of the comments.

Roberto Carlos death son Dudu Braga: Sad news

Sad news

A few days ago a sad news was released to the world of radio, and that is that the news about the death of the Cuban announcer Adrián Mesa has shocked several colleagues from the same profession. Where they immediately used their social networks to send their condolences and say goodbye.

The death of the Cuban announcer Adrián Mesa, who featured on the radio station Zeta 92.3 FM on Miami radio, suffered a stroke, as he announced on his account Facebook, the journalist of Gossip no like, Javier Ceriani, where he also states that he will be disconnected.

Roberto Carlos death of son Dudu Braga: Adrián Mesa’s stroke confirmed

Adrián Mesa's stroke confirmed

The devices in which the Cuban was connected were responsible for keeping Mesa alive, but apparently it was not enough for him to continue breathing for longer. Unfortunately, the relatives have made the hard decision to disconnect and give the renowned announcer eternal rest.

“Last minute! A Classic Miami Voice Goes Off! Adrián Mesa suffered a stroke and will be disconnected tomorrow… He was a partner of Álvarez Guedes and mine from the golden age of Radio in @spanishbroadcastingsystem Clásica 92 FM #rIp Descansa Cubanazo y tu Mano o Mano ”, wrote Ceriani on social networks.

A recognized trajectory

A recognized trajectory

Cuban Adrián Mesa had a long and recognized career, many remember him for being the founder of the program “Here is Álvarez Guedes”, of which he was the musician for 14 years, becoming his right arm. In this show he ranked first on local radio in the time slot from 10 in the morning to 2:00 in the afternoon, according to the portal Cybercuba.

He also shone in the world of television appearing in different programs, the best known being “Entre Fichas” where he was for almost two years. He is even well remembered for being the voice of the Med Care and Med Plan medical centers, it is worth mentioning that he was also the advertising image. Filed Under: Roberto Carlos death son Dudu Braga

Farewell to your colleagues

Farewell to your colleagues

The news shocked his colleagues, who reacted on social networks to say goodbye: “I am very, very saddened by this note that Ceriani published an hour ago. An excellent friend, colleague and human being. God work a miracle to react and not be disconnected, ”said Univision journalist Mario Vallejo.

“What sad news, my God! My dear Adrián Mesa … You go with the sea and with the sunflowers. Our virgins carry you in their cloaks… So Cuban, so many people, so admired… Have a good trip, friend ”, wrote the singer Albita in her social networks who was quite sad for the sensitive loss. Filed Under: Roberto Carlos death son Dudu Braga

“We will miss you”

"We will miss you"

The singer Amaury Pérez also dedicated a few words to his friend of several years on his Facebook page, in a photo with several colleagues saying goodbye to the Cuban: “Adrián, dear brother, I cannot believe that you have left. What a sadness, my God! ”Were the words he sent her.

“May God have you in his Holy Glory Adrián Mesa, friend, colleague and professional dedicated to serving others with his talent to communicate. We worked together at Clásica 92 with Guillermo Álvarez Guedes in a variety, music and news program that set the tone for Radio Miami. Here is Álvarez Guedes. We are going to miss you, as you always said, Ahí na ma. Rest in peace my friend, ”wrote journalist Ángel Zanyon. Filed Under: Roberto Carlos death son Dudu Braga

They don’t lose hope

They don't lose hope

Despite the fact that in social networks they already confirmed the death of the Cuban announcer, Adrián Mesa, the Vice President of Communications of SBS, Vladimir Gómez still keeps alive the hopes that the renowned announcer still remains alive, as he told it to People in spanish.

Vladimir Gómez told the magazine on Wednesday morning that Adrián continues to fight for his life, since he is still connected to the devices that help him survive, and that for this reason the Cuban is still alive. Many say that hope is the last thing to die. Filed Under: Roberto Carlos death son Dudu Braga

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