Trade unions are calling and calling on January 31

The next 31 syndicate and social organizations will hold a demonstration, as present as a virtual one, on request for the installation of a dialogue board with federal governing bodies.

I will announce the representatives of the National Union of Workers(UNT), el Front Amplio Social Unitario (FASU), el National Executive Director (ENADI), which details that the national newspaper of lucha will include representative rights ante the Senate of the Republic and in the main public places of the country, in addition to the transmission of these events by social networks.

During the sanitary emergencydestacaron, he recruited the pressures for which the workers accept reports to his rights and charges of work as demonstrated in the case of the Trade Union, of the workers of the decentralized public bodies, of the aerospace sectors, education and energy, among others.

Asimismo, hicieron un llamado a las laboridadadors to establish the conditions to guarantee that the actual stage of the constitutional reform in the matter of laboricia justalcuyo nucleus central es la legitimation de los contracts de trabajo, se lleve a cabo con total apego a la princip principles of legality, transparency and respect to the libertad de union association that stipulates the law regulatoraria de la misma, “evitando en todo momenta la indefinite indebtedness of the employers and certain political actors that only buscan socavar, divide and assign to workers for their own benefit ”.

Francisco Hernández JuárezPresident of the College of the UNT, stated that “we would like to express our concerns about the tone in which some working aspects are being held, for our part that all of them have come impulsively through the economic and social rumor of our country” .

Add to that the fact that at the moment it is an opportunity with this new governing body “that sacks from the power to the mafias that it has maintained for many years, do not believe that only you can consolidate the change process that is in progress. If so, then we have to work hard to use our opinion in front of the governor, but if we have our tome or do not take it into account, we will have to follow luchando ”.

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