Alejandro Celorio, legal consultant for the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE), affirmed that the US companies sued by the Mexican government for the indiscriminate sale of weapons are underestimating the arguments, and he hoped that the judge will accept this year. the resource.

During the virtual seminar “The Battle of Boston. Arms manufacturers fight back”, organized by the Colegio de México, Celorio stressed that to request the dismissal of the lawsuit, the companies also argue that Mexico does not have the capacity to sue in Massachusetts because it also fails to link its commercial activity on the site. He acknowledged that companies have also questioned whether Mexico has the rule of law.

Questioned why the Mexican government did not file the lawsuit on behalf of relatives of homicide victims in our country, he considered that it would have been difficult to identify the causal link, in addition to how complicated it would also be to coordinate with such a large number of victims. . He stressed that the lawsuit was filed on behalf of the government, because it is easier to identify and prove damages.

“The defendant companies have asked the judge to dismiss the lawsuit filed by Mexico and in the briefs filed on Monday, eight briefs from each company and one joint, insist that they enjoy immunity over legal protection of weapons in the United States; They point out that the exceptions to which the Mexican government resorts to overcome this immunity law do not agree with the Mexican government,” Celorio said.

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“One reads the arguments and it would seem that they are underestimating the arguments of Mexico; It would seem that they hide behind this idea that traceability information: that the serial number of the weapons can be traced from the place of sale to the person who buys (plus the) distribution line, place and date of manufacture. It seems that they hide behind this idea that no one will be able to have this traceability information, as if they forgot that it is the Mexican government, and as if they forgot that in the evidence stage the Mexican government as plaintiff could ask the judge to request to the companies that tell us about the traceability information, how much they know about the information of their products in the hands of criminals in Mexico,” he said.

He explained that a new hearing of the case will be held on April 12 in Boston, and highlighted that the judge granted two weeks for the suing companies to submit a second argument brief.

He ruled out that this year’s intermediate electoral process in the United States has an effect on the lawsuit process, and mentioned that the efforts of the Mexican government will continue for the same time of the litigation. “The important thing is going to happen this year, and the judge has the possibility that the litigation will continue.”

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