Towards a Québec-Lévis crossing reserved for pedestrians

After obtaining new data from the third link project office, the CAQ government is seriously studying the idea of ​​reserving the Quebec-Lévis crossing for pedestrians and excluding cars in a horizon of less than 10 years, learned The newspaper.

Quebec has just received confirmation that the number of cars that would continue to use the ferry – when the Quebec-Lévis tunnel is put into service – would be “not significant”.

“And this is the case in all scenarios whether the third link is located in the east or that it connects the two city centers, explains a government source familiar with the matter. It therefore becomes questionable to maintain a ferry with cars. »

According to the current schedule, the third link must be inaugurated in 2031. The government is trying to compress the timeframes and costs, currently estimated at between $6 and $10 billion. An update on this megaproject will take place “this spring”, we are told.

2018 Election Promise

The Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ) therefore intends to bring to the fore a commitment made during the 2018 election campaign.

In a document titled Capital Prioritythe CAQ had promised that “we will study the implementation of a new fast car-free crossing […] The objective is to avoid, for pedestrians, unnecessary waiting for the same ferry as cars”.

The government is also informed that the two ferries in service between Quebec and Lévis – the NM Alphonse-Desjardins and the NM Lomer Gouin – were built in 1971 and that they will reach the end of their useful life by 2031. The reflection on the optimal way to replace them must be done quickly, it is noted.

In 2018 and 2019, pre-pandemic years, the number of cars using the Québec-Lévis ferry was 321,000 and 351,000 respectively.

Banning cars on the ferry would prevent the dumping of thousands of vehicles in the very touristy Petit Champlain sector, where the cohabitation between cars and tourists often proves difficult during the summer season, adds -we.

A recreational tourism component

Aware, moreover, of the “strong potential” of the Quebec River Station, the government intends to develop there “a recreational tourism component with tourist shuttles for the entire metropolitan region of Quebec”, in collaboration with the private sector.

“We want to evaluate different destinations along the river, we are told. There is a marina in Neuville, Bellechasse, on Île d’Orléans, in Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré… There is tourism potential that could be served by the private sector from the current facilities of the Quebec river station. »

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