Tourist currencies as of April have already exceeded their pre-pandemic level

The sun shines in Mexico. With the historical capture of 2,411 million dollars for tourist currency during April, 15% more than the same month of 2019, in the accumulated January-April of this year, a growth of 0.4% was registered for the first time with respect to the figures of that pre-pandemic year, according to figures released on Friday by the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi).

In the index accumulated to March, the currencies were still 3.9% below. And in the negative field is also the arrival of international tourists: in April, 15.3% and in the accumulated figure for that month, 20.8%, both figures compared to 2019.

During the first four months of this year, foreign exchange totaled 9,182.9 million dollars and was 0.4% higher than those received in the same period three years ago (9,142.9 million dollars), when the country had been showing sustained growth year after year. .

Attracted by the Mexican beaches, headed by Cancun, Los Cabos and Puerto Vallarta, international tourists (mainly from the United States, Canada, Colombia, the United Kingdom, Spain and France) happily increase their spending in Mexico and, according to the figures, at the moment there is no affectation due to insecurity problems in some parts of the country.

“Continuing with the behavior registered last month (in March currencies exceeded 6% compared to the same period three years ago), April shows revenues higher than those of the same month of 2019 and the accumulated annual shows a positive variation compared to 2019. However, tourist arrivals by air, responsible for 86.8% of total income, still register a slight negative accumulated difference”, highlighted the Center for Tourism Research and Competitiveness (Cicotur).

Encouraging figures

Based on the international seasonality of tourism, the figures reported for April were lower than those of the previous month and will show peaks again until next July and December.

For the specialist in tourism economics from Grupo Empresarial Estrategia (GEMES), Humberto Molina, the results of the Inegi International Travelers Surveys (EVI) confirm the consolidation of the recovery of tourism with an acceptable speed, despite the fact that the year began with the impact of the Omicron variant.

“In April there was more uncertainty among tourists from the United States about going to Europe due to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine and they turned to see Mexico. It was a good time, but the big tourist destinations have started to open and that is a threat for the short term. In the quarter we saw that the average spending of tourists has grown a lot, especially those who arrive by air and that has helped, ”he commented.

In April, the average expenditure of international tourists arriving by plane was 1,141.51 dollars, the highest for that month and 11% more than in 2019.

During the first four months of the year, some 6.6 million people arrived by plane to Mexico, of which 66% were Americans. Specifically, four million 413,000 United States citizens entered, a figure 18.1% higher than that observed during the same period of 2019, while the number of total air arrivals is still 2.5% below.

According to Molina, the country is telling a success story in the recovery of the sector, which is based on the fact that air borders were not closed and that travelers from the United States had many alternatives to go on vacation after confinement. However, this is not the time to trust, but to work.

Insecurity has not had an impact on the figures, but it must be clear that a crisis can arise at any time and must be dealt with,” he added.

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