Tourism GDP showed greater dynamism than the general economy in the second quarter

The total production of the tourist activities During the second quarter of 2021, they registered a 9.2% rebound compared to the previous quarter, which shows a positive response to the post-pandemic economic reactivation process.

The Quarterly Indicator of Tourism GDP shows a solid recovery trend after the unprecedented fall that it showed a year ago, when Covid-19 arrived in Mexico, despite the dynamism, the economic generation of the sector is still far from the levels prior to the health emergency.

According to figures from the Inegi (National Institute of Statistics and Geography), the tourism GDP in its inter-annual comparison showed a rebound of 53.2%, because precisely the second quarter of 2020 saw the most pronounced drop caused by total confinements and restrictions on mobility.

On the other hand, a large part of the recovery in this sector has been concentrated in the area of ​​tourist services, which during this second quarter of 2021 registered an increase of 9.5% in immediate comparison and a rebound of 51.3% in year-on-year comparison.

On the side of tourism goods, the quarterly advance was 8.1% and the rebound of 57.6 percent.

These figures show that, although the tourism sector in general has managed to consolidate a recovery during 2021, the reopening of activities has fostered greater growth in tourism services (packages, hotels, tours) as opposed to goods (handicrafts).

In line with these figures, other indicators that track the behavior of the Tourism in mexico they have shown good results throughout the year; the total number of travelers remains low, but international tourists are spending more and more during their stay in the country. Tourism currencies continue to grow and airports register more flights and passengers as countries have lifted their restrictions.

Unlike other sectors that have faced external pressures for their production, tourism has been one of the activities that has recovered the most ground at least so far in 2021, the vaccination against Covid-19 it is one of the main catalysts in this activity.

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