Total return to classes will promote housing placement in Nuevo León

The housing industry in Nuevo León it has shown itself to be very resilient and is going to continue with that trend this year, to the extent that face-to-face classes are regularized in the educational system, since that is going to have a multiplier effect on other industries and commerce, which will boost placement of housingmainly new houses, as well as investment that generates formal employment, commented Jorge Paredes Guerra, president of Realty World Mexico.

“We see a good outlook for Nuevo León, it continues to lead in new home (…) The supplies used in construction, most of them are produced here, with good prices and there is formal employment, because industries driven by investments in the manufacturing and logistics sector are arriving, that generates formal employment, and This in turn drives the need for living placeis going to continue this trend, despite two years of pandemic it has been very resilient, it is going to continue with the same trend this year”, highlighted the manager.

According to the Real Estate Monitor Report for the month of February, in the first nine months of 2021, Nuevo León maintained its leadership in the housing placement new, whose sales amounted to 30,632 units, which represented an increase of 2.1% compared to the same period of the previous year, followed by Jalisco with 19,818 households and a decrease of -6.3% and in third place the State of Mexico with 15,129 houses and an increase of 2.4 percent.

In the housing placement residential plus, with a value greater than 6.4 million pesos, the leading entities in sales were Mexico City with 5,461 (39.35%), State of Mexico with 2,444 (44.96%), and Nuevo León placed 2,386 houses (56.97%, in the aforementioned period, according to data from the National Housing Commission (Conavi).

In this segment, he explained that Mexico City occupies the first place because it has twice the population of the Metropolitan Area of ​​Monterrey, in addition to the three powers that reside in the capital of the country: Executive, Legislative and Judicial, and that boost this type of housing.

“A few days ago they increased the target interest rate by half a point to reach 6%, it is low if compared to the historical one, what the banks are lending is at reasonable levels, someone who wants to have assets, their own home can do, credits are being offered to purchase housing in commercial banks, Infonavit, and FovisssteI don’t see any concern about the fact that rates have increased, it is still attractive in the short term”, emphasized Paredes Guerra.

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