Total reopening of activities, positive for commerce: Canaco Puebla

Puebla, Pue. Shops and service providers, mainly in the Historic Center, explained that the increase in activities in the establishments has given “a break” to avoid the loss of between 20 and 30% of jobs in the area, especially in the last semester of this year. anus.

This was stated by the presidents of the National Chamber of Commerce, Services and Tourism (Canaco Servytur), Marco Antonio Prósperi Calderón, and of the Council of Merchants of the Historic Center, José Juan Ayala Vázquez, agreeing that it is positive that the state authorities have agreed to the total reopening of activities, which must be maintained since, otherwise, up to three out of every 10 jobs could be lost.

The leader of Canaco, which has more than 7,000 partners who create 10,000 jobs, acknowledged that the layoffs will be inevitable due to the closure of businesses that have low sales since the pandemic began in March of last year and have not been able to recover in the economic reactivation, but the impact will not be greater.

He pointed out that there are no conditions to generate new jobs at this time, since the priority is to preserve those that already exist in shops, restaurants, hotels, among others.

Faced with the new provisions, he said that they are aware of complying with them, hoping that there will not be a change in the government’s decision regarding the behavior of the pandemic.

“In the businesses of the Historic Center they are being strict with sanitary measures, both for staff and customers, because they are constantly monitored by inspectors. We cannot fail and generate a perception that we do not comply, which is reflected in more Covid-19 infections “, he deepened.

Prósperi Calderón explained that the tertiary sector reports sales of up to 60%, while non-essential businesses have a slow recovery, which will remain so until early 2022.

For her part, Ayala Vázquez, with 1,300 representatives who create 2,500 jobs, considered that the Christmas season is helping businesses, but they are not recovering from the losses they had throughout the year.

Sanitary measures

He trusted that the number of Covid-19 infections will continue to decline, as long as health measures are not relaxed, which depends on citizens.

He insisted that the issue of informal commerce should not be forgotten, so municipal authorities should prevent it in the Historic Center, since it will be useless for established businesses to comply with sanitary measures if there are stalls on the street that generate more mobility and crowds.

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