Torrent urges the Government to rebuild relations that are “at zero”

  • The ‘conseller’ of Business demands from Sánchez that the explanations about the espionage to the independence movement be “public”

The ‘conseller’ of Business and Employment of the Generalitat, Roger Torrenthas urged this Saturday the Government of Pedro Sanchez to “make a move” to rebuild relations between the two executives that at this moment are “at zero”.

“If we have to generate a framework of relationships like the one that existed before the Catalangatethings must happen”, said Torrent in statements to channel 3/24, after yesterday, Friday, the Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchezand the president of the Generalitat, Pere Aragoneswill talk briefly in Barcelona, ​​when they coincide in the closing of the Cercle d’Economia conference.

Torrent has stressed that the central Executive must clarify “who gave the order” to spy on more than 60 independentists through the cyber espionage program pegasus“why” that order was given, “who was affected” and what has been done with the information obtained in this way.

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According to Torrent, the Government “must give public explanations that everyone can understand”, and not just offer data behind closed doors in the congressional official secrets commission. There must be, said the ‘minister’, “transparency, assumption of responsibilities and guarantees” for the future.

Aragonès and Sánchez agreed to hold a meeting that does not yet have a date, and that should serve to try to redirect a situation that is poisoning the legislature and the dialogue between executives. The ‘president’ raised with Sánchez the need for both to hold a meeting as soon as possible and the head of government agreed, but from the beginning it was ruled out that this meeting would take place taking advantage of the Spanish president’s visit to Barcelona, ​​because the Generalitat believes prior preparation is necessary to “resolve the situation”, and to do so “thinking of the Catalans”.

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