Toronto’s Top Asian Chefs and Restaurateurs Share Their Must-See Places for the Mid-Autumn Festival

Colin Li, Owner, Hong Shing

Colin Li, Owner, Hong Shing, 195 Dundas St. W.

Fond memory of the festival: “Throughout the year, it is quite difficult to gather everyone at a table for dinner, so I enjoy the moments of catching up with my cousins ​​and seeing my grandparents and enjoying time with them.” Rest reco: “Grandeur Palace (2301 Brimley Rd.), because they can accommodate large families, as well as having a great selection of seafood and stir fry dishes. They also have in-house dim-sum chefs to create traditional snacks for the festival, as well as homemade mooncakes. “

Nick Liu, Owner, DaiLo

Nick Liu, Owner, DaiLo, 503 College St.

Fond memory of the festival: “With the festival being held around the fall season, my aunt’s pumpkin fritters were a warm, filling, and delicious dish that we enjoyed. They also inspired our pumpkin dumplings at DaiLo – they are added to the menu during festival time and are a huge hit with our customers. ” Rest reco: “Summit Garden Chinese Cuisine (3015 Winston Churchill Blvd.). We’ve been here for as long as I can remember. It is my family’s banquet. They do great peking duck and crab. “

Serina Shi, owner of Daily Dumpling Wonton Co.

Serina Shi, owner, the Daily Dumpling Wonton Co., 750 Spadina Ave.

Fond memory of the festival: “Going to see lantern shows is always fun. These lanterns are very large and very beautiful at night. They usually make these lanterns in the shape of a lotus, rabbits, or traditionally Chinese gods. ” Rest reco: “Definitely go to any T&T supermarket to buy a box of mooncakes – I love their huge selection of options for different styles and flavors.”

Samuel Su, Executive Chef, Flavorful House

Samuel Su, Executive Chef + Virginia Wong, Public Relations Manager, Tasty house, 280 West Beaver Creek Rd.

Fond memory of the festival: “(For our first) Mid-Autumn Festival day last year, the business was busier than usual and since we operate at limited capacity, all the owners were working on the moon festival day with our family. Instead of spending a meal together, we made a virtual sweet meatball dessert via FaceTime after our busy hours. I have no complaints as we were able to prepare delicious meals for all the customers who supported us on the day of! “-Samuel Rest reco: “Skyview Cuisine (8261 Woodbine Ave.) for dim sum. They have excellent BBQ pork that comes with rice or noodles. A great place to go if you want to have lunch rather than dinner. “ Virginia

Stephen Choo, Owner, Chef 88 Elite

Stephen Choo, Owner, Chef 88 Elite, 1661 Denison St.

Fond memory of the festival: “It’s like Thanksgiving. It is a time to gather with family and friends and enjoy each other’s company as we celebrate the brightest and fullest moon. Some delicious foods traditionally served are moon cakes, duck, grapefruit, taro, and hairy crab. Each of these foods has its own special meaning for this day, but no matter what is served, the most important thing is to be with your family and friends. Rest reco: “Our family frequented Very Fair Chinese Restaurant (4002 Sheppard Ave. E.), New Century Restaurant (398 Ferrier St.), and Mong Kok Chinese Restaurant (8360 Kennedy Rd.) Because they were spacious and served traditional Chinese food. “

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