Toronto’s police chief needs to resign over Saturday’s protest failure

Chief has let terror-supporting mobs take over the city’s streets, Saturday was too much.

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Toronto Police Chief Myron Demkiw should do the honourable thing and resign after thoroughly embarrassing the entire country on Saturday. If he won’t do the honourable thing, the police services board should fire him with cause at the next meeting.

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The Toronto Police Service, under Demkiw’s lack of leadership, has been slow to properly deal with the pro-terror mobs that have taken over our streets since Oct. 7. On Saturday night, though, the utter lack of response by TPS saw a reception in honour of a visiting prime minister shut down.

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It’s an embarrassment really, no other way to put it.

A ragtag group of pro-Hamas protesters shut down a dinner and reception being given by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for visiting Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni. Two G7 leaders, trying to meet in Toronto, were prevented from doing so by people chanting that they were the intifada.

“Where is the intifada?” protest organizers chanted.

“We are the intifada!” came the reply.

The ignorant mob found ways to block all entrances to the Art Gallery of Ontario, preventing guests — mostly Italian-Canadians who had been invited — from entering the building. As guests tried, they were met with screams of “shame” and accusations that by going to the dinner they were supporting genocide.

Speaking of genocide, the protesters also broke out the genocidal chant of “from the river to the sea.” That’s a direct call for the destruction of the State of Israel and chasing Jews out of the Middle East.

Where were the Toronto Police in all of this?

From the abundant video posted online, it appears they were absent when it mattered and ineffective when it didn’t.

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The cancellation made news in the United States, Britain, India, across the Middle East and in Italy, obviously. The message is: Canada doesn’t have its act together.

Demkiw and his team dropped the ball once again. Does Demkiw want the mob to control the streets in this city because that is what happens time and again until he is shamed for his police service’s actions – or lack thereof.

The people of Toronto have been poorly served by Demkiw and the TPS since these hate protests reared their ugly head six months ago. Now the entire country has been embarrassed by the inability of police to perform basic functions of their job, like ensuring proper crowd control so that two world leaders could meet.

Of course, some of the blame must also fall to the RCMP, which would have had a hand in planning this event given the presence of Trudeau and Meloni. The RCMP works with local police on plans for events like this, but the outside perimeter was clearly the responsibility of TPS.

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Why was there no secure perimeter? Why were protesters allowed to not only get right up to the doors of the Art Gallery of Ontario but to actively block them so that guests could not enter the building?

Why were barricades not erected beforehand? Why was the mounted unit not on site before guests arrived?

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Cabinet Minister Ahmed Hussen was given a police escort and still could not enter the building. He was harassed, bullied and shouted at by the mob and police attempted to take him to a different entrance.

People simply coming to celebrate the ties between Canada and Italy were threated, spat upon, assaulted and called baby killers by this pro-Hamas, terror-supporting group and the Toronto Police Service just let it happen.

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Spokesperson Stephanie Sayer said in a statement on Sunday that the service is reviewing what happened but insisted the event could have gone on.

“Police were in contact with the prime minister’s security team, who were told that TPS was prepared to provide secure access for the prime minister into the venue. Ultimately, the prime minister’s team decided not to proceed. It was not at TPS’s recommendation that the event be cancelled, and many guests were already inside,” Sayer said.

If I was the RCMP watching the pathetic way the event and protest was being handled, I would have pulled the plug as well.

We apologize, but this video has failed to load.

When supporters of the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa threatened to come to downtown Toronto and replicate the capital, TPS moved quickly to handle things. As a journalist, I’ve watched them handle protests big and small with professionalism.

With this group of protesters, on this issue, they are not doing the job. Worse, they are negligent.

Chief Demkiw, you’ve had months to get this right, Saturday showed us you don’t want to, so it’s time to go.

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