The Toronto Zoo is seeking help from the public in finding a missing furry friend.

Todd, a red fox, has been missing since September 12. The zoo said in a social media post that it found a weakness in its enclosure, dug a hole and escaped. Keepers have searched the zoo and surrounding areas, but have seen no sign of the fox.

Todd came to the zoo from Milton in 2020, after he was found exhibiting abnormal behavior – he was friendly and not afraid of humans. After deciding that the fox had raised his hand and was in no condition to be released, the zoo took him in to provide a home for him.

The zoo encourages anyone who sees a friendly and abnormal red fox that is not afraid of humans to contact its email hotline [email protected] and stay away from the animal.

“Because foxes are a native species to the area, and there are likely a lot of sightings of foxes other than Todd’s, we will only be following viable leads,” the zoo said.

The zoo also encourages anyone who sees an animal in general that may be orphaned or does not behave normally to contact professionals, such as the Toronto Wildlife Center.


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