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A high-ranking Toronto police officer facing seven charges under the Police Services Act has made her first appearance before the Toronto Police Tribunal.

The charges include breach of trust, discrediting behavior and insubordination, after they allegedly leaked answers to officers trying to be promoted from constable to sergeant.

Supt. Stacy Clarke, who was in charge of 42nd Division at the time of the alleged misconduct, sat still while appearing before the police tribunal via Zoom.

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Toronto police superintendent charged with alleged misconduct in promotion process

According to the allegations released just after the trial, Clarke acted as a mentor during the fall of 2021 to interview candidates while a member of the promotional interview panels.

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The allegations are that Clarke received an email in mid-November ordering her to cease all contact with applicants she mentored by November 25, 2021.

However, it is alleged that she subsequently “took photos of the interview questions for the promotion process to candidates, Constable RB, Constable PG and Constable JW. You contacted the three (3) individuals you mentored and provided them with confidential information to advance their position. in the process. In doing so, you have committed misconduct by disclosing any matter that is your duty to keep secret. ”

Clarke is further accused of transmitting photos of interview questions to three other constables on or around 30 November 2021 and “despite the order to cease contact with mentees, you have with constable HH with you for three (3) consecutive days home assembled and mentored. on or about 3, 4 and 5 December 2021. ”

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The fourth allegation of misconduct relates to the fact that he is a member of HH’s interview panel.

“You failed to disclose the nature of your relationship with him and the conflict of interest associated with your participation in his interview panel. “By doing so, you committed misconduct by acting in a disorderly manner or in a manner that was detrimental to discipline or would likely discredit the reputation of the Toronto Police Department,” the notice read.

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The allegations further read: “You were already sitting on interview panels on November 29, November 30 and December 3. On December 5, while mentoring HH at your personal residence, you asked questions that you know took from previous interviews. “panels on which you sat as an interviewer. You conducted a sham interview with HH using real interview questions that you knew were part of the promotional interview package.”

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The Toronto Police Service’s legal attorney, Alexandra Ciobataru, said the service needed time to get an external prosecutor and asked for the trial to be delayed.

Clarke is represented by legal counsel, Joseph Markson. The case was adjourned until February 23.

Clarke, a 23-year-old Toronto Police Department veteran, was celebrated last year as the first black woman to be promoted to the rank of superintendent by the TPS.

She was suspended with payment.

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