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Toronto Mayor John Tory responded to questions about his role in the Rogers family trust Wednesday, saying it has not affected his commitment to the top position on City Hall.

Speaking at an unrelated event, Tory was asked about the suitability of her role in the trust amid a growing dispute involving the Rogers family that has spread to the public.

“If there was something that the city required of me at any time of the day, on any day of the week, any day of the month, any week of the year, I dedicate myself to that first, and that sometimes includes putting my family second. place, ”he told reporters.

The trust is the controlling shareholder of the company.

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Tory’s connection to the late Ted Rogers is long-standing dating back to her father, who previously ran the company’s cable division.

“The fact that I took a few hours of my time to do something else, whether it be regarding an obligation I did with a friend, or if I was playing a sport or spending time with my family, or going to see some art , I think people will understand. “

Tory also confirmed to reporters that she receives compensation for her role in the trust, but said she has scrupulously followed the law every day.

The Toronto Star first reported Tuesday that Tory receives $ 100,000 per year as a member of the trust, although the mayor did not confirm that amount to reporters Wednesday.

Click to play video: 'Global News Provides More Background on Rogers Family Amid Business Battle'

Global News provides more background on the Rogers family in the midst of the corporate battle.

Global News provides more background on the Rogers family in the midst of the corporate battle.

Rogers Communications has made headlines this month, in large part due to the ongoing battle for control of the telecommunications giant.

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Edward Rogers was recently removed as chairman of the board, following an attempt to remove CEO Joe Natale.

Since then, he has gone to the Supreme Court of British Columbia, in an attempt to legitimize the board of the company that he formed despite the objections of some of his relatives.

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Since then, the drama has highlighted Tory’s role within the family trust, and whether staying in that role is appropriate while serving as mayor of Toronto, in the spotlight.

“You can’t be in a senior position in trust and in the city, and simultaneously represent everyone’s best interests,” said Richard Leblanc, professor of governance, law and ethics at York University.

Leblanc told Global News in his opinion, Tory’s role with Rogers constitutes a conflict of interest.

“It’s the power of RCI, this trusty dashboard. So in many jurisdictions, when politicians take office, they withdraw from all business relationships, and that is for the simple reason of exactly what we are going through now. It’s the potential for conflict of interest and divided loyalties. “

The BC Supreme Court is scheduled to hold a hearing on November 1.

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