Tom Holland and Zendaya, a love through thick and thin

  • Amy Pascal, producer of the superhero films, has assured that she tried to persuade the actors not to be together, but that they did not take her advice into account

Zendaya and Tom Holland They have become the new Hollywood couple. A romance that was confirmed after many rumors and that has been consolidated in the filming of ‘Spiderman: no way home’.

Now that the couple has already confirmed their relationship and despite the fact that they themselves have confessed that they are uncomfortable being too exposed, more and more details are known about how their love story was forged. Precisely, Amy Pascal, The producer of the superhero films, has been sincere and has said that she advised the actors not to start a relationship outside of fiction, as she herself has related in an interview for the newspaper ‘New York Times’.

In fact, Pascal has admitted that he tried to persuade the actors not to be together: “I took Tom Y zendaya aside, apart, when we cast them for the first tape and I chatted with both of them: ‘Don’t do it, just don’t do it. Try not to ‘”, told them.

History repeats itself

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What’s more Pascal He has said that it is not the first time that something similar has happened to him and that in 2014 he recommended the same to another couple: Andrew Garfield Y Emma Stone, the co-stars of ‘The amazing Spiderman’. “I gave the same advice to Andrew Y Emma. It can complicate things, you know? Y everyone has ignored me “, he explained with a laugh.

In the case of Garfield Y Stone The news of their courtship was made public in 2012, when on the red carpet of the Nickelodeon Choice Awards they appeared together as an official couple, although they would have started dating in 2011. A love story that lasted four years and ended in 2015.

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