Together for better recognition of local media

Imagine a world where your local news, the stories that shape your community’s identity, no longer reach you. This scenario, far from being a dystopia, is emerging on the horizon with the recent job cuts at Bell Canada, Radio-Canada and TVA Group. These cuts are a direct attack on the very fabric of our local culture and democracy.

Digital transformation is redefining our media landscape, leading to an advertising exodus to digital giants and depriving our local media of resources vital to their mission. This is why I consider supporting these media not as an option, but as a duty.

Effective local media

It is possible to better promote our media here. I am convinced that Canadian media can deliver superior performance according to the selected indicators and achieve targeted business objectives. At a time when sustainable development is essential, numerous studies have proven that local media represents an excellent solution for reducing your carbon footprint.

In addition, did you know that the average television viewing time among people aged 18 and over is 28 hours per week in Quebec? Although there is a strong underlying trend in consumer habits towards digital, it should be mentioned that so-called traditional media obtain very commendable viewing time.

Brands are overinvesting in global platforms despite the real time users spend on them.

In addition, Canadian media offer safer environments and consumer attention is often higher, which leads to better receptivity to messages and increases lasting impact with the audience.

According to an attention study published by Tvision, Lumen and Adelaide, video ad placements in local media will have a level of attention 2.8 times higher than certain GAFAM digital environments.

A commitment to local media

In May 2020, driven by my commitment within the A2C, I actively participated in the launch of the Media Movement initiative from here⁠1, a call to action to highlight the importance of investing in local media. Since then, a public commitment to devote at least 25% of digital budgets to local media has brought together more than 150 signatories, including several advertisers and agencies.

Recently, I had the immense privilege, with three other of my industry colleagues, to take part in the development of Media Certification here. This certification is presented as an additional solution available to media and marketing professionals to guide them and offer them all the tools to anchor local media at the heart of their strategy, while ensuring equal or even superior performance. .

Now more than ever, it is vital to mobilize for our local media. I am ultimately convinced that we can collectively encourage a vibrant media industry that reflects the richness and diversity of our communities.

I therefore appeal to everyone. Let’s invest a minimum of 25% of our digital budgets in local media and optimize our offline investments. This is the key to achieving better performance in a healthy local media ecosystem.

And above all, join the Movement by signing the pledge. Together, we can make a difference.

1. Consult the Media Movement page here


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