To shine at Saturday dinner

News moves quickly. A look back at some news that caught your attention this week, just to give you a head start in time for your weekend dinners.

Close-up on school snacks


Only 6.7% of snacks purchased by CSSDM elementary schools were fruits and vegetables in 2022-2023.

“I cried tears of joy when I read this report! », Said Montrealer Daniel Vézina to journalist Marie-Claude Malboeuf. The father, concerned about the inadequate free snacks in the primary schools of the Montreal School Service Center (CSSDM), has reason to rejoice. An investigation by the Regional Student Ombudsman for the Central Island region confirmed the discoveries he made using the Access to Information Act. Only 6.7% of snacks purchased by CSSDM elementary schools were fruits and vegetables in 2022-2023. And 80% were ultraprocessed – either high in calories, added sugars, saturated fat, salt or additives. The experts consulted by The Presswho consider this finding “scandalous”, hope that the survey will motivate all school service centers to offer healthier snacks.

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Become a man


As part of a major issue on masculinity, Alexandre Vigneault and Léa Carrier have multiplied the angles of reflection.

What does being a man mean today? As part of a major issue on masculinity, Alexandre Vigneault and Léa Carrier have multiplied the angles of reflection. Young people testified and experts spoke out. One observation is clear: despite a greater diversity of models, traditional stereotypes persist. And the path that leads to masculinity remains narrow. Whether you want to dive into a heartfelt discussion between three guys, learn more about the influence of Quebec culture on young men or read the story of a teenager who freed himself from masculinist discourse, you will find something to interest you among all our texts published last Sunday. And if you still have an appetite: our journalists offer a selection of recent works to go further.

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There will be humor in the summer in Montreal


Show as part of the Just for Laughs festival, in summer 2023

Even before the future of the Just for Laughs Group (JPR) was sealed, which took shelter from its creditors in March, ComediHa!, which covets the giant of humor, was ahead of its rivals in finalizing the organization of a summer comedy festival in Montreal, Jean Siag and Hugo Joncas learned on Wednesday. The Quebec company is planning around twenty shows at Place des Arts as well as free outdoor events at Place des Festivals, from July 18 to 28. Funding for this project, estimated at nearly $11 million, is currently being negotiated with the Quebec Ministry of Culture and Communications as well as other institutional partners. This announcement comes on the eve of the deadline for final offers to acquire JPR, demonstrating the determination of ComediHa! faced with the circumstances. Everything indicates that the winner of the company’s sale process should be named by the controller of the PwC firm next week.

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Car theft: a great story


The 2023 Toyota 4Runner SUV found last Friday in Montreal

It is very rare for an owner to find his stolen vehicle. In general, by the time they alert the police, the thieves have already made it disappear in a container, heading abroad. This week, Kamouraska restaurateur Perle Morency, visiting Montreal, had better luck. His flamboyant Toyota 4Runner, with its red, orange and yellow sconces, was found on the east side of the city in record time. However, the police have nothing to do with it. The happy outcome is rather attributable to a Facebook publication which circulated widely in the restaurant world, says Nicolas Bérubé. And the appliques that made the vehicle recognizable among all!

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School without phones


Teacher Anwesha Baidya (left) struggled to convince her students to remove their headphones in class. Student Collin Clapp (right) and his cell phone.

Pressed by the Parti Québécois, the Minister of Education Bernard Drainville is considering banning cell phones everywhere in schools, and not just in class. “Should we go further? We’re thinking about it, we’ll get back to you on that,” he said this week. A Connecticut school has already tried the experiment, which produced results as profound as they were unexpected, reports the Washington Post. Initially, students and parents were very critical of the phone ban. However, since then, the school has noticed that students are more attentive in class. And that the conflicts fueled by social networks have disappeared. “People were thinking, ‘Oh my God, I’m going to miss out on so much,’” student Nicole said. We don’t miss anything at all. Nothing important happens outside of school. » This gives you ideas…

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