To look smart at Saturday night dinner

News moves quickly. A look back at the notable events of the week, just to give you a head start in time for your weekend dinners.


In the United States, the House of Representatives recently adopted a bill to force the Chinese company ByteDance to sell the social network TikTok, failing which it will be banned on American soil.

The TikTok threat

How can a seemingly innocuous social network like TikTok pose such a security threat that the US House of Representatives passed a bill to force ByteDance to divest it? Experts interviewed by columnist Alexandre Sirois highlight its proximity to the Chinese regime, which uses the social network as a propaganda and espionage tool. No offense to its many users, the question arises: should TikTok be banned on this side of the border?

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Quebec has chosen to spend 870 million to provide the Olympic Stadium with a new rigid roof.

This dear roof

870 million. This is the estimated cost of a new hard roof on the Olympic Stadium for which the Legault government recently committed. What if there was another option? Our columnist Vincent Brousseau-Pouliot learned that in 2012, the Olympic Park had estimated that a winterized Stadium without a roof would be 10 times less expensive, according to an internal document which has never been made public. Questioned on this subject, the Minister of Tourism, Caroline Proulx, did not want to say whether her government considered this possibility.

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As inventory swells, will consumers be able to benefit from lower vehicle prices?

Vehicles: no more shortages!

Good news for the wallet is rare and this one risks making motorists smile: our columnist Marie-Eve Fournier reports that the shortage of vehicles – both used and new – has finally subsided, which suggests reduced bills. On the site, 35% of used vehicle models recorded a price drop in January, and the decline continued in February. As for new vehicles, stocks are on the rise, but prices have not yet fallen. What is the average price of new vehicles displayed on in February? $65,424. Enough to surprise those who have not shopped for a vehicle in recent years.

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With the small quotas imposed on local fishermen, the price of local northern shrimp could increase.

Goodbye, Matane shrimp?

Will the Matane shrimp have to change its name? The oldest shrimp processing plant in Quebec, Fruits de mer de l’Est in Matane, is closing its doors. In the St. Lawrence estuary, stocks are at their lowest level in more than 30 years, due to warming waters. A shortage of foreign labor also explains the closure of the factory (and also jeopardizes the start of crab fishing). Will the price of shrimp rolls skyrocket? The answer will come next week, following negotiations to establish the value of the small crustacean.

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Quebecers are the sixth happiest people on the planet, according to data taken from the most recent Annual Happiness Report.

Quebecers among the happiest on Earth

Yes, there is the housing crisis, health waiting lists and the shortage of teachers, but the morale of Quebecers is holding up. To the point where they are ranked sixth among the happiest people on the planet, according to data used for the preparation of the most recent Annual Happiness Report. Quebecers are happier than other Canadians, the British, the Americans and the French, in particular. And who wins the prize for happiness? The Finns, we learn in a column by Vincent Brousseau-Pouliot. To meditate (ideally with a smile) while waiting for the return of sunny days…

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