Titles in action: Roots, Toyota, Holcim

Here is a selection of announcements that have made (or will make) move the prices of these companies:

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Roots (ROOT.TO, $ 3.20) Friday posted a loss of $ 1.2 million for its second quarter, which compared to a loss of $ 1.8 million for the same period last year, as its sales advanced. The retailer’s loss per share was 3 cents for the quarter ended July 31, compared to a loss of 4 cents per share for the same period a year earlier. Quarterly sales totaled $ 38.9 million, up from $ 38.2 million a year earlier. Roots said the sales surge came despite closing stores in Ontario for about 60% of the duration of the quarter, compared to 45% in the second quarter of last year. The retailer entered the quarter with 68 of its corporate and pop-up stores closed. All of these establishments, except one, had reopened by the end of the quarter. On an adjusted basis, Roots said it lost 1 cent per share in its most recent quarter, compared to an adjusted loss of 4 cents per share last year.

The Japanese automotive giant Toyota (TM, US $ 177.24) on Friday again downgraded its forecast for vehicle production in Japan and abroad due to a parts shortage, after already a similar announcement in August. Toyota plans to produce 400,000 vehicles less than initially estimated in September and October – 180,000 in Japan and 220,000 abroad – due to a “shortage of certain parts caused by the spread of COVID-19 in Southeast Asia, ”he said in a statement. The group, the world’s largest manufacturer by volume in 2020, had already announced last month a reduction in its global production for September by 40% compared to its forecasts, or 360,000 vehicles less. For the full 2021/22 fiscal year started on April 1, Toyota now expects total production of 9 million vehicles, the statement said on Friday, also citing the impact of the global semiconductor shortage on its operations. The Japanese giant, whose results for the April-June quarter were up sharply over one year, however specifies that its forecast of an operating profit of 2.5 trillion yen (19.2 billion euros) for 2021 / 22 is unchanged.

The Swiss construction materials giant Holcim (HOLN.SW, $ 47.76 CHF) to sell its activities in Brazil to the Brazilian steel group Companhia Siderúrgica Nacional (CSN), valued at more than 1 billion US dollars, he announced Friday. The Swiss group has signed an agreement to sell it this range of activities which includes 5 cement factories, 4 grinding stations, 6 sites specializing in aggregates and 19 ready-mixed concrete sites on the basis of a value of US $ 1.025 billion. The transaction will allow it to significantly reduce its debt ratio. In April, Holcim acquired Firestone Building Products, the American subsidiary of the Japanese group Bridgestone Corporation, for US $ 3.4 billion, which enabled it to begin diversifying into roof sealants. The transaction was the first major acquisition launched by Mr. Jenisch since taking the helm in 2017. He had mainly worked to reduce the group’s debt through a wave of disposals, external growth operations having been limited to small, targeted acquisitions.


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