Here is a selection of announcements that have made (or will make) move the prices of these companies:

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The American semiconductor giant Intel (INTC, US $ 55.81) is in talks to buy GlobalFoundries in a transaction worth around $ 30 billion, according to the Wall Street Journal, which would allow the American to boost production in the midst of a global shortage. The feasibility of the operation is uncertain for the moment, GlobalFoundries may also decide to make an IPO instead of selling itself, specifies the American business daily citing sources familiar with the matter. Asked by AFP, Intel declined to comment immediately. Its title took 0.52% just before the opening of Wall Street. The group announced earlier this year its intention to invest more than $ 20 billion in two new plants in Arizona and to boost production in the West.

The Montreal flight simulation specialist CAE (CAE, US $ 28.46) announced Thursday that it intends to invest $ 1 billion in innovation over the next five years, as part of a partnership with the governments of Canada and Quebec. CAE said the investment would go to the development of artificial intelligence and data solutions for the civil aviation, defense and security, and health sectors. The Canadian government will contribute $ 190 million to this program, while the Government of Quebec’s contribution will be $ 150 million. The company’s five-year research and development investment program, dubbed Project Resilience, could also see CAE produce green technology for light aircraft. Funding will also go to the development of simulation technology, and the development of electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft. CAE said the funding would create 700 highly skilled jobs and 5,000 work experience positions for students at post-secondary institutions.

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The action of the Swedish telecoms giant Ericsson (ERIC, US $ 13.25) fell sharply on Friday after a second quarter marked by bad news from China, despite a giant contract of more than $ 8 billion won with the American Verizon in the United States. At the start of the session on the Stockholm Stock Exchange, the world’s second-largest manufacturer of telecoms networks lost nearly 10%, weighed down by concerns over reprisals in China for the banning of its Chinese competitors Huawei and ZTE from the construction of 5G networks in Sweden. Sales in China collapsed by two-thirds in the second quarter, unexpectedly falling to 1.5 billion kroner and management suggested the situation was sustainable in the important Chinese market. In the second quarter, the Swedish flagship posted a net profit of 3.9 billion crowns (381 million euros), up 51% year on year, driven by the improvement in its overall profitability, according to its financial report . But the turnover was down slightly (-1%) to 54.9 billion crowns, mainly due to the sharp decline in sales in China, as well as a decline in patent-related revenues. Analysts expected a lower net profit, around 350 million euros according to Factset and Bloomberg, but a much higher turnover, in excess of 57.2 billion crowns.

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