Titles and constancy revalue under-23 footballers

The mexican soccer The year 2021 has concluded and with it come the market revaluations of the players. In the case of the young sub 23, there is a new litter that has reached the best value of its career thanks to some main factors: having won ownership in their clubs, that they were protagonists in the MX League and also having participated with the national team in various tournaments.

Footballers born from 1998 onwards, such as Santiago Gimenez (Blue Cross), Jeremy Marquez (Atlas) or Luis Olivas (Chivas), took center stage in various teams and that has raised their letter to four million euros, although in percentage terms, some increased their cost by up to 600%, according to figures from the specialized portal Transfermarkt.

“You have to consider that it is always a factor when there are international tournaments, such as Olympic GamesFor young people it is important to show themselves outside of their daily context, it helps them to play these tournaments as a showcase. In the local environment, MX League It is still a very prestigious tournament, ”says Bela Csanyi, Mexican soccer securities analyst at Transfermarkt.

The most prominent case is that of Jesus Angulo. The 23-year-old defender was called up by Jaime Lozano to play the Tokyo Olympics and although he started the first two games as a substitute, Erick Aguirre’s injury opened the door for him to establish himself in the starting position, including the quarterfinals against South Korea. , the semi-finals against Brazil and the match for third place against Japan.

After that, Angulo returned to being a starter in the line of five defenses that he used Diego Cocca during the Apertura 2021. The young Mexican was the center-back on the left and combined with the experienced Hugo Nervo and Anderson Santamaría in what was the best defense of the tournament, becoming a key part of the first Atlas title in 70 years. Its value increased by 500,000 euros from April to December.

“Market value is a correlation of performance, especially in young players because their values ​​are more volatile, they can rise or fall very quickly, but having players in the selection who increased their value more is a sign that they are in good moment, form and also that they have a lot of prominence in the league. It is important to have in senior or youth teams those who have a lot of continuity and are going through a good time, “adds Bela Csanyi.

That is the case of other players who are in the top 10 of the best valued under 23s. Erick sanchez, from Pachuca, for example, was summoned by Gerardo Martino to go to the 2021 Gold Cup and played 74% of possible minutes in the regular tournament, snatching ownership from former Tuzos captain, Jorge ‘Burrito’ Hernández. Thanks to this, Sánchez doubled the value of his letter and also reached four million euros.

Santiago Giménez is another of those who reached that figure. The forward of Blue Cross He collaborated with four goals and an assist in 16 games this semester, established himself as a sure attacker before the loss of game of ‘Cabecita’ Rodríguez and he also received his first calls to Tri Mayor, where he scored his first goal just in his second game, on December 8 against Chile.

“Most of the revalued youngsters play in defense or mid-center, there are very few attackers, although with exceptions such as Santiago Giménez and Jairo Torres (Atlas). All of them have already taken a step forward, they have a lot of potential, but the vast majority of young Mexicans who have a value of two million euros or more are already fixed in their teams, they are figures in the league and now their goal should be develop more and prepare to go to Europe ”.

From the champion AtlasIn addition to Jesús Angulo, the most outstanding young people in revaluation were Jeremy Márquez and Jairo Torres. The first was captain Aldo Rocha’s dumbbell in the containment and he extolled virtues such as theft of the ball, exit with oriented control and precision of passes. Torres, for his part, demonstrated his versatility by playing both as a winger on both wings as well as in the center, always with his eyes to the front and dribbles.

“Torres has almost 100 games in MX League, which is outstanding at his age (21), and with all that experience his great virtue is that he can play in almost all positions in the last third of the field. Márquez, in the same way, at 20 he has played with great serenity, he does not get nervous, he shows great confidence, he is very safe in midfield both in defense and offense, although we must mention the figure of Aldo Rocha in his side, because being a much more defensive and experienced player gives Jeremy security to develop his game ”, explains the securities analyst.

Atlas contributes three of the 15 under-23 players best valued in all of 2021, while Santos Laguna, runner-up in the first half of the year (Guardianes 2021) contributes another two, with midfielder Alan Cervantes and left-back Omar Campos. The first was summoned by Gerardo Martino to the 2021 Gold Cup and the second received his first call to the Tri Mayor in December.

Other prominent footballers in the top 10 are Salvador Reyes, América’s left back; Kevin Álvarez, right back for Pachuca; Alejandro Zendejas, Necaxa midfielder; and Joaquín Esquivel, containment of Bravos de Juárez. Álvarez was also called up to the 2021 Gold Cup and Esquivel was part of the bronze medal in Tokyo 2020, being a starter along with elements with more experience in selection such as Luis Romo and Carlos Rodríguez.

Although they are not in the top 10 of highest values, others who stood out in their revaluation due to the percentage increase were Israel Reyes, defender of Puebla, who raised his letter by 650% when going from 200,000 euros to 1.5 million and entering the America’s radar. A similar case is that of Haret Ortega, Toluca defender, since his increase was 400%, going from 400,000 to two million, after contributing four goals in the last semester and playing 73% of possible minutes.

On the contrary, the sub 23 that lost the most value were Roberto Alvarado, from Cruz Azul, with a decrease of 6.7%; Fernando Beltrán, from Chivas, with less than 29%; and Jonathan González, who played the last tournament in Necaxa on loan from Monterrey, losing ownership and 17% of the value of his card.


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