Tiny Twp. Piping Plover pair protected

Two Piping Plovers are currently nesting in the Township of Tiny.
Named Nancy and Flash, the endangered species is being cared for by Tiny township staff and volunteers alike.
Located on Woodland Beach, the nest site is surrounded by fencing to keep both people and pets away from their enclosed area.
Known as migratory shorebirds, Piping Plovers are listed as endangered by the federal and provincial governments.
Last year, four Piping Plover pairs were identified as nesting in Ontario, but this year only three couples have been located.
Nancy and Flash are currently nesting at Woodland Beach in the Township of Tiny and in the Wasaga Beach Provincial Park (Beach Area 1).
During this critical time for strengthening the Piping Plover population, it is important that all members of the public respect the enclosed area and keep people and pets from entering it.
Volunteers are needed to monitor the pair and the site. Please contact Andrea Gress at Birds Canada for more information.

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