Timothée Chalamet, the ‘millennial’ promise

In the early days of stardom, Timothee Chalamet he liked that fame served so that people learned to pronounce his name correctly. For the rest, he knew how to remain calm despite the fact that, in a few months, he went from being a true unknown to becoming one of the most effervescent young promises in Hollywood. He ran 2017 and became the focus of attention not for starring in any love scandal (and that he was the boyfriend of the daughter of madonna), nor because he was part of the cast of a publicized series of Netflixbut thanks to his performance in an auteur film, directed by an Italian and in which he plays a young man who falls in love with an older man.

Nominations and awards

It is not usually usual, but sometimes these things happen. Sometimes exceptional performances are truly valued and not just the fireworks in the big blockbusters where the new stars of the day walk around. And what Timothée (not Timothy) Chalamet did in ‘Call me by your name’, is of a prodigious nature. Perhaps because he knows how to transmit something so difficult in a completely transparent way, such as the feeling of helplessness and vulnerability in the face of love, in this case, first love. And he does it going through all the possible phases: embarrassment, desire, confusion, euphoria, irascibility, sadness & mldr; And through his gaze we enter the roller coaster that the discovery of his true sexual identity entails for an adolescent. And how powerful is that look? There is no viewer who does not leave touched after the final shot of the film. And for that, the nominations and awards were not long in coming.

Woody Allen signing

Timothée Chalamet is 27 years old and a proud New Yorker. That’s why when he collected the award from him in the past Gotham in 2017 dedicated it to all those cinematographic figures of his city who had inspired him, from John Leguizamo to Martin Scorsese. It’s no wonder that another illustrious Manhattan native, Woody Allenwill sign him for his film, ‘A rainy day in New York’, in which he shared the leading role with Elle Fanning and Selena Gomez.

Chalamet is a dedicated young man. Graduated from the specialized performing arts school of La Guardia, his interest in acting comes from the family inheritance left to him by his mother and his uncle.

was the boyfriend of Dana Brody in ‘Homeland’ during the second season, the youthful transcript of the character of Casey Affleck in the space odyssey ‘Interstellar’, he participated in the choral drama of Jason Reitman about relationships in the internet age ‘Men, women & children’. And in the coming months we will see him in the acclaimed directorial debut of Greta Gerwig‘Ladybird’.

Despite his busy cinematographic schedule, Chalamet assures that his passion is the theater, and one of his best experiences, having participated in the production of the ‘off’ Broadway ‘Prodigal son’, of the Pulitzer Prize John Patrick Shanley. Although he doesn’t practice it, he also likes basketball (he’s one of the New York Knicks, of course). And hip hop and rap especially Kid Cudi, Lil B and Frank Ocean.

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He would never have expected to become an ‘influencer’, but his Twitter account fumes daily (@RealChalamet) and each of his outfits becomes a trend. The ‘millennial’ generation already has a new fashion actor.

Little Women, The King, The French Dispatch, and now Dune, the multi-award winning film at the 2022 Oscars.

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