Times of pandemic: What do Mexicans value most in a job?

We are in a new reality in which salary is no longer the only attractive element when accepting a job. Although remuneration remains in the first places among the aspects most valued by people, other elements such as Labor flexibility o la work safety they have also gained importance.

The covid-19 pandemic and its effects on mental health, but also in the greater commitment to remote work have changed the perspective of Mexicans regarding what they value most in a job. In your report Characteristics of the labor market since the beginning of the pandemic, LinkedIn identified that the top three priorities for candidates in our country are: a good work-life balance, excellent pay and benefits, and job security.

“Global Glint data shows that signals from work wear they have skyrocketed 9% in recent months and employee satisfaction has fallen by 3% ”, highlighted the professional network in its report.

Among other elements valued by Mexicans to accept a job are: having colleagues and an inspiring culture, having an open and effective leadership, professional challenges and flexible working conditions.

However, after 19 months of teleworking and in other cases, exposure to contagions or even violence on the way to work, the elements that gained more relevance among the priorities of Mexican talent are the Labor flexibility, with a 16% increase in importance; autonomy in tasks and responsibilities, with a growth of 14%, and ease of transportation to the workplace, which increased 11 percent.

“Flexible working conditions are essential, as many professionals want to continue teleworking in the future. Candidates are also attracted to roles where they can have autonomy and influence over their tasks and priorities, ”highlighted LinkedIn.

Flexibility and ease of transportation are priorities in line with the hours people spend commuting to their workplaces, especially in large companies. According to the National Institute of Statistics and Geography, 27.5% of Mexicans dedicate 31 minutes to 2 hours of time on the way to the company, only considering the outward journey and 32% do so by taxi, van or bus.

Disconnection with interests

Despite these results, there appears to be a disconnect between workers’ interests and what organizations actually offer. “Companies fail in the aspects that matter most,” the professional network pointed out through its report.

The evaluation made by the employees themselves on the offer of value of their companies showed that companies do offer labor flexibility and professional challenges, but they remain a duty in terms of good remuneration and benefits, and in conciliation between work and personal life, this last lag is present despite the fact that employees perceive good results in terms of flexible conditions.

“While flexibility is important, it does not always translate into good conciliation. Based on global data from LinkedIn and Glint, employees who telecommute are 32% more likely to have reconciliation problems, “said LinkedIn.

This reflects that labor flexibility is not always properly implemented; For example, without a link with work for objectives, greater autonomy for the employee or transformation of leadership, this triggers an extension of hours or more workloads and, therefore, does not translate into a work-life balance.

Between technical and soft skills

The digitization of businesses accelerated by the pandemic has caused that in the last year the demand for digital talent is increased five times. This has led Mexicans to develop technical skills, but in a changing world, people seem to realize that these skills are not enough to join or remain in the market and a greater commitment to soft skills.

In the last year, the most popular course on the professional network was Time management basics, an essential skill for all those who telework and seek a better balance between work and personal.

The rest of the courses with the highest demand son:

  • Excel for Beginners: Pivot Tables (365/2019)
  • Non-verbal language for leaders
  • Excel: Formulas and advanced functions (Office 365 / Microsoft 365)
  • Excel: Create a dashboard intuitive and powerful from scratch
  • Active listening
  • Create a successful profile on LinkedIn
  • Strategic thinking
  • How to develop emotional intelligence
  • How to increase resilience

“The figures in this report show that professionals invest time and energy in their personal and professional development to manage the changes and alterations of the last 19 months. The pandemic has exposed the most humane aspect of the job market. Therefore, candidates will seek positions that offer balance and flexibility to ensure their well-being ”, the report concludes.


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