Time change: one hour less sleep, one hour more sunshine

The imminent arrival of spring generally rhymes with longer days, so it is in the night from Saturday to Sunday that Quebecers will have to advance their clocks.

Thus, when 2 a.m. strikes Sunday morning, it will actually be 3 a.m., recalled the Quebec Ministry of Justice in a press release.

This change to daylight saving time notably saves energy and takes place every second Sunday in March, under the Legal Time Act adopted in 2006.

By maintaining harmony with the United States, Quebecers will be able to enjoy an additional hour of sunshine until the first Sunday in November.

Check your smoke alarms

Every year, fire safety services recommend that Quebecers change the batteries in their smoke alarms and check their condition.

The 10-year-old alarms should therefore be changed to ensure better fire prevention.


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