Tim Sale, cartoonist of Batman and other superheroes, dies

the recognized American comic book artist Tim Sale He has died at the age of 66. The artist, whose successful career has been linked to Marvel Already DC Comics, goes down in history as one of the most renowned creators of Batman: together with Jeph Loeb was responsible for ‘The Long Halloween’, origin of the latest sequel to the winged superhero. With Loeb himself he formed a brilliant tandem with whom he signed Marvel’s renowned four color series (‘Daredevil: Yellow’, ‘Spider-Man: Blue’ Y ‘Hulk: Gray’, ‘Captain America: White’), plus other notable comics, including Superman yel Captain America.

At the moment, there is no detail cause of death, although it is known that he was recently admitted to a health center for “an apparently serious health problem & rdquor; which he reported on Twitter without providing more information about it.

The cartoonist stood out for a minimalist style and for the utilization color intensive to convey the mood of his characters. Not even the colour blindness that he was diagnosed with in his childhood was an impediment for him to stand out in his creative side.

exaggeration and caricature

Born in Ithaca, New York, in 1956, Salea attended School of Visual Arts from his hometown and began his career in comics in 1983, working for independent publishers, according to DC on its website.

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“His work always surprised with artistic compositions and graphic use of contrast and negative space. I especially loved his Batman villains, whose attributes Tim sometimes brought out through exaggeration and caricature. We will miss Tim and consider ourselves lucky to be partners in his legacy, DC Comics said in its statement.

“Tim Sale was a legendary artist who created comic book masterpieces throughout the industry and beyond. At Marvel, his color series became an awesome classic and is still just a look at his acclaimed legacy. We mourn his loss today, and our thoughts are with his family and loved ones,” Marvel said.

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