TikTok sensations: High. seniors rack up views with their unique videos

TikTok is usually known as a social media platform for young people, but some of St. Albert’s oldest residents have discovered a winning formula for video views.

Seniors at the St. Albert Retirement Residence have been posting videos on the platform for two years.

“We try to have really innovative and engaging and different programming here that makes our residents feel that they are still connected with the outside community,” said Lori Kary, the recreation therapist at the center.

When the Oilers made the playoffs, the group started posting videos on game day. The videos scored big with fans and residents alike.

“It creates a real buzz in our building, and even the residents who aren’t in the videos, they come, the other residents come and gather just to watch,” Kary said.

Gib Paradis, 98, has been a fan of the Oilers since the team started. He has many fond memories of attending games at the old coliseum. He’s enjoying the series between the Oilers and the Kings.

“They’ve done very well so far. They gotta win the next one, or else,” he said with a laugh. “But they made the playoffs, that’s a plus.”

He recently learned some hockey fighting moves for one of the group’s videos.

“I was a bit of an actor, ’cause I’m not a fighter!”

The video has been viewed more than 100,000 times.

“They told me that but it’s hard to believe!” Paradise said.

Kary said the videos usually take about 10 minutes to record, then a recreation aid helps put them together.

“Me and her definitely both collaborate about what we’re going to do, and the costumes that we’re going to put together, and we just try and make every video unique and fun.”

So what’s the next video for the group?

“It’s going to be a surprise, and it’s going to be a good one, I promise!” Kary said.

With files from CTV News Edmonton’s Amanda Anderson.

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