Tigres Femenil, champions in sponsorships and expansion

Female Tigers She is very clear that she wants to be the banner of Mexico not only on the field, where she constantly demonstrates it with her presence in finals, but also in a large-scale action: professionalizing women’s soccer in every way.

With this conviction, the commercial area of ​​the club has promoted a key task in economic and exhibition matters by achieving three exclusive sponsorships for the female branch, with the brands Farmacias Benavides, Tim Hortons (coffee shops originating in Canada) and Meta, the company just recently. named that combines the actions of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. Just the link with Meta opens a more advanced horizon within all of Mexican soccer.

“The main objective is to empower the brand, to show that women’s football is great, that of course there is interest, to break paradigms and understand that, although the Liga MX Femenil is still very young, we like to be a banner with great pride in Mexico, we want to attract much more talent on and off the field, inspire more women and more girls, ”explains Carlos Valenzuela, vice president of operations and marketing at Club Tigres, in an interview with El Economista.

Nowadays, Female Tigers It has a base of between 400,000 and 500,000 fans that go beyond Nuevo León, generating crowds in visiting stadiums. Seeing how in five years the brand has become a strong attraction for the national market has promoted other objectives: to be number one in Mexico and the United States in terms of fans.

“We want to be the preferred Mexican women’s team in the United States, which is something that just goes hand in hand with the brand expansion that Tigres has as an institution, because we also want to remain number 1 at the national level.”

Female Tigers He has put his plans together. Wanting to professionalize women’s soccer in Mexico and wanting to be the number 1 team in the country has been building it through different steps: it became the first women’s team to sell tickets, the first to play a roundtrip series in The United States, against the Houston Dash, and the first to achieve three exclusive sponsors, being that there are other teams that struggle to get at least one.

In addition, global sponsors, those who also participate in their men’s team, have shown interest, as has happened with Cemex, Berel, Afirme and Adidas, since even the latter generated its first women’s uniform with an exclusive design for Tigres, despite the fact that It has clubs such as Real Madrid or Bayern Munich in its portfolio.

But one of their most powerful agreements is that of the Metaverse of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, with which they seek to enhance their brand through content generation and a line of work attached to gender equality.

“It is a very solid step because it is not just the commercial issue, but giving importance to the pillar of women, to equity and equality, making this type of agreement with a company like Meta is highly strategic because it is the first time that Facebook or Instagram have their logo within a team, but it goes much further because it generates a theme called Amazonas Academy ”.

With the Amazonas Academy project, starting in January Tigres will hire two Meta executives to work fully on the digital side, with specific tasks on the Facebook and Instagram platforms; Meta will provide “first-rate” work materials such as computers, cell phones and drones, in addition to giving workshops on masculinity and gender equality within the club, “because we are aware that there must be a woman and Tigres at a decision table. commune with that ”, highlights Valenzuela.

According to the manager, one of their main achievements is that they have been able to position themselves within the taste of the Mexican fan as their number 1 team in the women’s branch, although in the men’s category they support other clubs; Regarding their vision in the United States, they plan to take advantage of the fanbase of three million that they have in that country so that they also support the women’s squad.

What is the main asset that can continue to be exploited in commercial terms in Tigres Femenil?

“An important asset to market and develop, especially as a brand expansion, is the generation of exclusive content. We understand that we must tell the story of the Amazons (as the players are known), we can exploit with documentaries, series and the entire subject related to content generation. The commercial and sponsorship team has the responsibility of professionalizing women’s soccer and continuing to partner with exclusive sponsors for women, in order to maximize those income and deliver them 100% to the team, so that we have better staff, tools and preparation ”.

Thanks to that management in the commercial and also the sports part, which has led the team to seven out of eight possible finals since the creation of the Liga MX WomenBalance has also been achieved in a part that has been criticized in other teams: the economic and labor stability of the soccer players.

“I do not dare to say if we are the best team in salaries in the Liga MX Femenil because I do not know the figures of other teams, what I can say is that we are a fair team in that sense and that we know that our players are comfortable, because just as they are required in the sports part, they are also offered all the work tools ”, says the vice president of operations and marketing, while explaining that the women’s team is always guaranteed air travel and stays in first-rate hotels. thanks to its sponsorships with brands such as VivaAerobús.

Regarding international exposure, the door opened by Liga MX Femenil to sign foreign players is allowing them to emulate the impact model they achieved with Andre Pierre Gignac in France on the masculine side, because now with the hiring of the Nigerian selected Uchenna Kanu, the manager assures that they have received interview requests from various African media.

Female Tigers will be fighting for his fifth star in the league starting this Friday, when he visits Rayadas in the final of the Apertura 2021 tournament. It is the fifth time that both teams have faced each other and the Amazons have won three times. During the current league they have already left Cruz Azul (8-0 global) and América (5-2) on the road, but they will seek their greatest glory next Monday in ‘El Volcán’, with a golden generation with players like Liliana Mercado , Nancy Antonio, Jacqueline Ovalle and Stephany Mayor.


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