Despite reaching the lap with a disadvantage, Tigres and Rayadas advanced for a fifth edition of the Final Regia. With goals from Liliana Mercado, Stephany Mayor and María Sánchez, Tigres reached their seventh consecutive Final in the Women’s MX League by defeating América 4-0 in the second leg at the University Stadium (5-2 on aggregate). In this instance, he will seek the three-time championship against Rayadas, who beat Atlas 2-1 (2-2 on aggregate) with goals from Christina Marie Burkenroad and Diana Evangelista.

In eight complete women’s Liga MX tournaments, Tigres and Rayadas have been the protagonists of four and are about to embark on the fifth episode. Of these finals, the Amazons have emerged victorious in three (CL 2018, CL 2019, AP 2020) and Rayadas in one (AP 2019). All the Albiazules finals have been against Tigres, but the felines have played one against Guadalajara and another against America; in fact, they have only missed the Final once (AP 2017).

Both América and Atlas were worthy competitors, both took advantage in the first leg, but the personality, offensive style and experience of their rivals ended up being imposed, showing that there is still work to be done if they hope to overcome these projects that from the beginning showed commitment with women’s soccer.

Tigres got into trouble in the first leg, where América won 2-1. But Tigres changed history on the return. In minute 57, captain Liliana Mercado opened the scoring with a direct free kick that already put them in the final by position in the table, at the end of the regular tournament as super leaders.

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According to Goals and Figures data, this meant Liliana Mercado’s fifth goal in the league, her third in the semifinals and at the same time, the captain began the mental push for the feline offense, which in a span of 30 minutes scored three goals plus: a penalty charge from Stephany Mayor and a double from María Sánchez, the last one she has scored in three of the four Liguilla games this season.

“Each one has been concerned about growing individually, each one contributes its grain of sand to the team and is concerned about doing what is due and that is how the individualities appear. Collective work, brilliance of individualities and I have only to feel very proud to represent these players ”, analyzed at the end of the meeting Roberto Medina, technical director of the Amazonas.


In the other sleeve, Alison González, leader of the Atlas awarded four days ago as the best young soccer player by Liga MX and nominated by the International Federation of History and Statistics (IFFHS) as the Best Player in the World 2021, overtook the rojinegras in however, a clash with goalkeeper Alejandría Godínez left her out of the game in the second half.

Rayadas took advantage of the fact that Atlas was left without his main offensive weapon and again undertook the attack, in this, Aylin Aviléz placed a goal pass to Christina Marie Burkenroad who ended up converting the 100th goal in the semifinals of the Women’s MX League.

Seven minutes later Diana Laura Evangelista scored the second goal for Rayadas, allowing the team to tie the aggregate score and advance by position in the table, denying Atlas access to its first final for the second consecutive time. Monterrey won three more games than Atlas in the regular season and finished as the tournament’s runners-up only behind Tigres.

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In the history, in the last seven full tournaments, only two teams other than Tigres and Rayadas have been able to access the final phase: America in CL2018 and Guadalajara in CL2021, both against the Amazons.

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