Tigres and Bitso, innovation in the field of cryptocurrencies

Tigres opens a new digital door in the market for mexican soccer. The whole of the Autonomous University of Nuevo León signed a sponsorship agreement for the next three years with the company Bitso, a leading cryptocurrency platform in Latin America, whose business is to buy, sell, send or receive cryptos “In a simple way.”

“We are very pleased to present Bitso as a new sponsor of Tigres, a leading company in its industry with an international presence. This alliance allows us to look to the future and partner with the most important cryptocurrency exchange platform in Latin America. This association leads us to explore new opportunities at the Club to use cryptocurrencies in our day-to-day lives and fully immerse ourselves in the new digital era ”, highlighted the president of Tigres, Mauricio Culebro.

During the agreement, Bitso was presented in the front of the Tigres jersey, in a sponsorship of around 30 million pesos according to expert sources consulted by this newspaper. The logo of this new company will be just below that of Cemex, the strongest company that supports the club’s economy.

Name was born in 2014 and currently has more than 400 employees across 30 countries, in addition to positioning itself as the third most valuable financial technology firm in Latin America with a valuation of 2,200 million dollars, only below Nubank with 25,000 and dLocal with 5,000. In Mexico, it has become the second ‘unicorn’ company (they are known for reaching a value of 1,000 million dollars in raising their capital) only after Kavak.

“We are very excited to announce the first alliance in Mexico between one of the best national soccer teams and one of the most innovative and reliable companies at the regional level. In Bitso and Tigers we are committed to breaking paradigms, leading innovation, inspiring new generations and leading change. This alliance will generate a significant number of initiatives that will mark a before and after in the world of sports sponsorships in Mexico ”, added José Molina, Bitso’s vice president of marketing.

Currently, this company that buys and sells cryptocurrencies It is established in three countries: Mexico, Argentina and Brazil, and has more than 3.3 million users. Through this alliance, both the club and the company envision starting to explore new opportunities to accept payments in cryptocurrencies in the official product store and so that in the future players can receive their salary in crypto or make the “purchase or sale ”of players using cryptocurrencies as a means of payment.

Due to its high sports performance in the last decade, Tigres is one of the most attractive markets for brands in Mexican soccer. According to the most recent Mitofsky Consultation (2020) on the popularity of clubs in the country, the royal cats are already the fifth team with the most followers with 6.1% of the preferences, only below América, Chivas, Cruz Azul and Pumas .

In terms of exposure, the Tigres have stolen spotlights from the international market in the last three years, being winners of the Campeones Cup in 2018, as well as runner-up in the 2019 Leagues Cup and, the largest platform, the runner-up in the 2020 Club World Cup. , when they lost in the final against Bayern Munich of Germany.

“Bitso and Tigres are united by a series of values, including accessibility, inclusion, community, and above all, our desire and efforts to innovate. Tigres is an innovative team that, as Bitso has done in recent years, seeks to take risks to positively transform the industry it is in. We are ready to take advantage of this alliance that will break and generate new schemes, ”said Felipe Vallejo, Bitso’s director of corporate affairs.


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