Tiger Woods Live Score: Updated Masters Leaderboard, Results, Friday Round 2 Highlights

Tiger Woods defied expectations about his performance on the first day of the Masters. The legendary golfer, making his first appearance since a near-fatal car accident in February 2021, finished one under par in the first round, impressing with his short game and showcasing some key shots.

After his standout performance in the first round, he has prepared well for the second round as he hopes to make the cut at his first Masters since 2020.

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Having finished under par, Woods is already in a good position to cement a place in the third and fourth rounds. When he finished his day, he was tied for eighth in the standings. In 2021, golfers who were at least three over par made the cut to make it to the next two days.

The Sporting News is tracking Tiger Woods’ score and highlights from the second round of the 2022 Masters. Follow us for coverage of his afternoon in Augusta.

Tiger Woods Score: Live Results, Round 2 Highlights

hole (pair) Tiger Score (Overall) Place
1 (4) 1 envelope (E) t-17
2 (5) 1 envelope (E) t-17
3. 4) 2 envelope (+1) T-26
4 (3) 3 over (+2) t-32
5 (4) 4 over (+3) T-40
6 (3) 4 over (+3) T-39
7 (4) 4 over (+3) T-40
8 (5) 3 over (+2) T-29
9 (4) 3 over (+2) T-28
10 (4) 2 envelope (+1) T-22
11 (4) 3 over (+2) T-27
12 (3)
13 (5)
14 (4)
15 (5)
16 (3)
17 (4)
18 (4)

Hole 11, Par 4

Shot 5: Woods ends with a bogey, his first over par since the fifth hole.

Shot 4: Woods’ putt hangs to the left around the hole.

Shot 3: Woods’ approach picks up plenty of speed on the green and rolls a few yards past the hole, setting up a challenging putt for par.

Shot 2: Another good shot from Woods. It is now just below the green.

Shot 1: Woods’ shot swings to the right and lands just around the pine straw on the side of the fairway.

Hole 10, Par 4

Shot 3: Wooden putts for birdie. Big turnaround for Woods in his second round.

Shot 2: Incredible shot by Woods. He drops it just to the right of the hole, and he should have a birdie putt from a few feet away.

Shot 1: Woods keeps his drive on the fairway, though it slides downhill a bit. He appears to have turned things around after a rocky start to the afternoon.

Hole 9, Par 4

Shot 4: Woods’ good putt ensures par for him. He will start the second nine 3 more for the day and 2 more for the tournament.

Shot 3: Woods jumps high over the hole and will have a tough putt for par.

Shot 2: Woods’ shot bounces off the bottom of the green. He will aim to go for par.

Shot 1: Good start to the ninth hole for Woods, hitting the fairway on the par 4.

Hole 8, Par 5

Shot 4: Woods gets his first birdie of the day. Major putt for him.

Shot 3: Woods finished yesterday with a bogey on this hole. This wedge shot from Woods rolls right off the hole. He has a very doable birdie putt.

Shot 2: Excellent shot by Woods that puts him off the green. He’s very well set up to potentially go for a birdie on this hole.

Shot 1: Woods’ drive stays right on the fairway at a hole that gave him trouble yesterday.

Hole 7, Par 4

Shot 4: Woods saves the pair.

Shot 3: Woods’ putt drifts to the right and went too far out of the hole.

Shot 2: Solid approach from Woods as he lands on the green and prepares for a birdie putt.

Shot 1: Woods with his best drive of the tournament, accumulating 295 yards and locating it on the fairway. Great start to the seventh hole.

Hole 6, Par 3

Shot 3: Woods hits the putt for par.

Shot 2: Putt almost made birdie, but again narrowly finished. He should at least break his streak of three straight bogeys.

Shot 1: Woods starts the sixth hole on the green, but the ball slips a bit. He will have the opportunity to make a birdie putt.

Hole 5, Par 4

Shot 5: Woods finishes with a bogey, the fourth in his first five holes today.

Shot 4: Another missed opportunity for Woods to save par as this shot slides off the edge and past the hole.

Shot 3: Good shot from Woods to help him get on par. You need this pair to avoid getting any closer to the cutoff line, which is currently projected as anything over 3 over.

Shot 2: Woods with a quick hit to get back on the fairway.

Shot 1: Woods’ puck snags in the crowd and appears to have landed on the pine straw by the trees.

Hole 4, Par 3

Shot 4: He pushes it to finish with another bogey.

Shot 3: The putt does not have enough behind to reach the hole. It comes short.

Shot 2: Woods’ approach initially seemed to work, but the ball rolled onto the green. He’ll need a long putt to make par, and if he doesn’t, he risks being 3’s early in the second round.

Shot 1: Woods’ shot leaves just short of the par 3 green and rolls down the hill below the bunker. He will be targeting the pair.

Hole 3, Par 4

Shot 5: Woods with another bogey. It is officially 1 more for the tournament.

Shot 4: Woods’ attempt to save the pair cuts just to the left. Second time he’s missed a putt for par today.

Shot 3: Easy shot by Woods to place the ball close to the hole. His putt will be only a few yards away to make par.

Shot 2: Woods’ shot appeared to have been caught in the wind and veered just to the right of the green.

Shot 1: Woods’ shot on the third hole lands on the fairway. Good start after landing in the bunker on his previous two units.

Hole 2, Par 5

Shot 5: Woods finishes with par on the second hole.

Shot 4: Woods arrives just short of birdie, his putt slipping just barely to the left. He should be able to par.

Shot 3: Woods’ approach gets him onto the green, but he’s a little short of the hole. He will have to kick uphill to make birdie.

Shot 2: Solid layup for Woods to position himself near the green. He still has a chance to birdie the par 5.

Shot 1: A second straight fairway bunker off the tee for Woods. It is not what he wants to start in a par 5.

Hole 1, Par 4

Shot 5: He settles for the bogey on the first hole.

Shot 4: Woods’ putt narrowly misses left. He will miss the pair.

Shot 3: Woods’ short game is still going strong from yesterday. His third shot sets him up with a decent chance to save the pair.

Shot 2: Woods misses the green when his shot rolls to the right.

Shot 1: Woods’ first tee shot looks promising, though he lands in the middle of the fairway bunker. Much speculation about how he would respond after resting after a full day of golf on Thursday. He doesn’t look too tired. 145 yards to the hole.

13:39: Woods is about to play his second round at the Masters. What will you have in store today?

Tiger Woods check out time today

Woods is scheduled to start the second round in the 2022 Tournament of Masters at 1:41 p.m. ET on Friday. He will form a couple with Joaquín Niemann. Louis Oosthuizen withdrew due to injury.

How to watch Round 2 of Masters 2022

Over the course of the four-day tournament, ESPN and CBS will split evening coverage of the Masters. For the first two days, ESPN will have exclusive coverage of the afternoon rounds, beginning at 3 pm ET and ending at 7:30 pm ET.

For fans hoping to see the action in the morning, they can tune in ESPN+ for the broadcast of the featured groups, starting at 9:15 ET, holes 4, 5 and 6 starting at 8:45 ET, the Amen Corner starting at 10:45 ET and the holes 15 and 16 at 11:45 a.m. This is ET. The only place to find cover from all the golfers in the mornings will be the creek at masters.com.

To watch the afternoon coverage, fans can find ESPN’s Masters telecast at any of ESPN+ or fuboTVwhich offers a free trial for new users.


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