Tiger Woods is still hospitalized in Los Angeles after his serious traffic accident. The world golf star was operated on for multiple open leg fractures, which required a metal rod to be placed in the tibia and screws to strengthen the bones of the foot and ankle.

The world of sport in turmoil

Many personalities have sent him messages of support, including ex-President Barack Obama, tennis player Serena Williams or boxer Mike Tyson. The world of sport is in turmoil after this accident which compromises the career of one of the greatest golf legends.

Basketball player Stephen Curry admits his admiration for Tiger Woods: “I love to watch him play, but today golf is secondary. All that matters is that he fully recovers from his injuries and is there for his children. He still has a long way to go.

The Tiger “came close to death”

Tiger Woods was close to death, according to a police source. His vehicle rolled off the road and rolled over several times before coming to a stop on its side. Rescue had to use an ax to extract him from his SUV.

In sporting terms, the 45-year-old American has an impressive record: 82 victories on the American circuit, 15 grand slam titles. But in recent years, his career has been clouded by extramarital setbacks and recurring back problems. He wasn’t sure if he would take part in the next Augusta Masters in April. The rest of his career is now written in parentheses.


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