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A Riverview, NB man known for surfing the tide of the Petitcodiac River has released a song about the new bridge, which Melvin Pérez says is already bringing the river back to life.

Pérez has been surfing the tide for years, and on Friday he crossed the new bridge that crosses the river that he cherishes so much.

The new bridge is part of a $ 61.6 million construction project, which replaced the carriageway with a four-lane bridge and widened the river channel.

The riverbed is about 175 meters wide, restoring the previously cut tidal flow.

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Pérez wrote the song called ‘The Bridge’ about the new span that he claims has freed the river just before the bridge’s official opening on Friday.

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Originally from Costa Rica, Pérez settled in New Brunswick in 2012 and instantly felt a connection to the river, which he says is showing signs of life as water has been diverted under the new bridge.

“The first new weeks I started to see more life activity than in a whole year,” said Pérez, who he describes in his song and music video.

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The music video for the song was produced by Colleen Furlotte, who called the bridge “a real representation of the river finally healing itself and trying to return to its former glory.”

Along with his tide that is also returning to its former glory, Pérez says, he is already noticing an increase in the water levels in his wave.

“The river flows freely downstream, so the current of water that meets the tide creates more energy and more current,” said Pérez.

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This also means a better surfing experience, but his love of riding the waves and writing music still does not override his love of the river itself.

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