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So, Danielle Smith seems to think Alberta should simply refuse to accept those federal laws that Alberta — from one day to the next — doesn’t like. Didn’t our outgoing premier already comment on the lunatic fringe wanting to take over the asylum he built?

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I wonder if Danielle thinks Edmonton or Calgary or Red Deer or High Level should have the same rights when it comes to provincial as well as federal laws they don’t like? I wonder if each of the 375 neighborhoods in Edmonton should have similar rights when it comes to municipal as well as provincial and federal laws?

Perhaps Danielle would even support extending this to individual households? After all, by the same (il)logic we should be able to democratically vote to declare our own homes sovereign spaces and refuse to obey or enforce any laws or regulations that we don’t like regardless of who enacts them.

It will be interesting to see how the party that has been setting up a law-and-order campaign for the upcoming provincial election might attempt to reconcile that nonsense with this nonsense.

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Ken Cantor, Edmonton

FIFA’s treatment of city a lesson for others

Congratulations, Edmonton. We just got played for suckers by the most corrupt, obnoxious grifter organization on the planet — that being FIFA. They regaled us with stories on how much World Cup soccer would mean to us, and when we were no longer needed, it was see you later saps.

Fear not though, we will be able to watch Upper Volta and Tonga play in a barnburner from Vancouver. Let this be a lesson to all future bidders. FIFA will kick you to the curb after they have bled you dry. One more thing, the money FIFA got from the 85,000 we put in Commonwealth Stadium, give it back.

Ken Banner, Edmonton

Viable business case for gondola project

Re. “What is gondola’s business plan?” Letters, June 21

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We are pleased that you are excited by our gondola proposal. We have spent more than $1 million of private-sector money on assessing its viability. So, clearly, we are too.

I have been so fortunate to work with world-class firms as well as our own management team and board made up of remarkable Edmontonians with diverse skill sets to develop an investment-caliber business case that strikes an innovative balance between tourism experiences and urban transportation. This business case includes an independent ridership and revenue assessment by Steer Group, an unquestioned global leader in relevant development analysis. Steer’s work then became the basis for a full business case produced by PwC.

While we sincerely appreciate your interest, I must say that many of the assumptions made in your “back-of-the-napkin” analysis are inaccurate. But that’s fine. We, too, have learned a lot only because we kept an open mind, spent our own money, trusted experts, and just did the work.

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Jeffrey Hansen-Carlson, President and CEO, Prairie Sky Gondola

Proper bike lane needed in west end

There is a lack of safe bike infrastructure on the west end. Years ago, an unsafe painted bike lane was drawn along 95 Avenue that no one used for good reason. But now the city is thankfully doing it right from 163 Street to 189 Street.

Here’s why this bike path matters: There are 10 schools with over 6,000 students within blocks of this route. Kids deserve safe, healthy ways to travel; Mercy has hundreds of daily staff; West Edmonton Mall employs 24,000 workers and has well over 100,000 visitors a day; biking can reduce car trips and save money, especially needed by those most vulnerable to rising costs these days.

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While inconvenient for homeowners to lose a service road, 29 houses’ free parking shouldn’t come before a vital, safe, affordable way for people to travel on the west end.

Josh Thompson, Edmonton

Don’t fall for victimhood with job

There’s simply no mistaking the tactics being used by both Brian Jean and Danielle Smith in their efforts to become our next premier. Jean says we should renegotiate our place in Canada. Smith, on the other hand, wouldn’t bother. She would just ignore the federal laws and obligations she doesn’t like.

Hopefully, Albertans won’t fall for this “victimhood” with a job. A look south to Trump world tells us where it leads. We’re better than that.

David Verbicky, Edmonton

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