Meanwhile, the prime minister is facing new conservative criticism for his economic approach to inflation, which underpins wage negotiations for rail workers.

A former minister called the decision to raise the state pension and inflation benefits “crazy” but reject calls for public sector wage increases in line with prices.

Associate Publisher camila tominey says that in trying to please the masses, the prime minister leaves the crumbs to the taxpaying workers.

Johnson faces a new test of his leadership today in the Tiverton and Wakefield by-elections.

Johnson will tell Charles that he is proud of the migrant plan

Boris Johnson is set to declare that he is “proud” of his Rwanda migration policy during talks with the Prince of Wales in the East African country tomorrow, The Telegraph understands

The couple will meet for the first time since it emerged the Prince privately described the planned deportation of asylum seekers to the country as “appalling”.

Rwanda is hosting this year’s Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting, which is attended by both men. The Prince and Duchess of Cornwall yesterday toured the children’s room at the Kigali Genocide Memorial, calling on the world to learn from the atrocity.

Meanwhile, the Commonwealth secretary-general has been accused of suppressing a report critical of her administration because a toxic row erupted on the eve of the organization’s biggest summit in years.

Murdoch and Hall ‘take time for their marriage’

Rupert Murdoch declared himself the “happiest man in the world” when he married Jerry Hall. Six years later, the media mogul and the former model are reportedly set to part ways.

It would be the fourth divorce for Murdoch, 91, following her London wedding in March 2016 to Hall, 65, who was previously in a long-term relationship with Sir Mick Jagger.

Nick Allen reports on what we know about their breakup.

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Also in the news: Other headlines today

‘Out, Biden’ | Nikki Haley, the potential Republican presidential candidate, has warned that Brexit is not Joe Biden’s business and should not influence the future of the Northern Ireland Protocol. In a speech in London, she criticized Democrats in the US for trying to undermine Britain’s attempts to overhaul the protocol, after Biden allies threatened to block a trade deal with the UK.

Around the world: Russia gains key territory

Russia has seized several villages in recent days, raising fears that its forces will soon be in a position to seize the strategically important cities of Severodonetsk and Lysychansk. As a senior foreign correspondent roland oliphant Russian advances have reportedly led to “battles from hell”. In a lighter take, ed cumming explores how Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky became the latest celebrity accessory.



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