Thunder Bay could have a new police chief by the end of the year

According to the hiring plan proposed by the firm, the police force would be able to find a replacement by December 2022, approximately 6 months before the departure of Ms. Hauth.

Thunder Bay Police Chief Sylvie Hauth announced her retirement last week.

Photo: CBC/Sinisa Jolic

The firm was involved in the selection of three police chiefs and two deputy chiefs of the TBPSas well as for the hiring of management employees of the City of Thunder Bay.

Georjann Morriseau, a member of the CSPTB who filed a complaint against the commission and the Thunder Bay Police Service at the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario, raised concerns about the firm’s choice.

She particularly wonders about the firm’s success rate in finding quality candidates, because some of them face or have faced charges related to their work in the TBPS.

This includes Sylvie Hauth’s predecessor, Jean-Paul Levesque, who was charged with breach of trust and obstruction of justice.

He was acquitted in January 2018, then announced his retirement three months later.

The mayor of Thunder Bay, Bill Mauro, recalled that it is the Commission which makes the choice to hire or not a candidate, and not the firm.

Ms Hauth was appointed chief on November 1, 2018, before Mr Mauro was sworn in as mayor.

Before making the decision to hire the firm, Malcolm Mercer, the administrator appointed by the province to take control of the CSPTBannounced a closed-door discussion period, to discuss charges regarding Chief Hauth.

One of the things we need to address, and one that sets the stage for further discussion, is the fact that the Ontario Civilian Commission on Police has laid charges, if that’s the right word, against the chief. »

A quote from Malcolm Mercer, Administrator of the Thunder Bay Police Services Board

I don’t think it takes a lot of time, but I think it’s best that we have this discussion up frontMr. Mercer added.

This discussion lasted a little less than an hour.

Malcolm Mercer has sole voting rights due to the Thunder Bay Police Services Board’s trusteeship.

Photo: Twitter/Malcolm Mercer

Thunder Bay Police Association President Colin Woods says he will be watching closely how Mr. Mercer and the CSPTB will manage the situation surrounding the investigation by the Ontario Civilian Commission on Police (OCPC).

I don’t know if they will decide to suspend [la cheffe de police]but I’ll keep an eye on ithe said in an interview.

We hope to be involved with the commission during the hiring processadds the union representative. I expect the Association to be consulted.

A last chance for the municipal police

Thunder Bay Mayor Bill Mauro and Mr. Woods have expressed their wish that a candidate from outside the TBPS be considered to replace Ms. Hauth.

Michael Kampa, professor of criminology at the University of Ottawa, was surprised by this position.

It’s very unusual for a union to say “let’s look outside the police department”, but I would say it’s important to do sosays the professor.

The only thing I would point out is that you can find the most progressive and shrewd leader on the planet, but he won’t be able to lead reform of the Thunder Bay Police Department single-handedly.he adds.

Mr. Kampa believes that the choice of the new leader is the last chance for the municipal police department to improve.

If the situation is not rectified, if we do not see and show better community satisfaction among all racialized groups, especially the Aboriginal peoples of Thunder Bay and surrounding areas, the POCC will step in and possibly dismantle the police service and replace it with the Ontario Provincial Police. »

A quote from Michael Kampa, professor of criminology at the University of Ottawa

I do not think that [la commission] wants to get to that point. I believe she wants the police department to be successfuladds Mr. Kampa.

With information from Chris St-Pierre and CBC

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