Three people die from carbon monoxide poisoning in Valencia

Three people from the same family have died early this Saturday in a house in Catarroja (Valencia) for a possible carbon monoxide poisoning, apparently due to poor combustion in the heating elements.

The notice was received at 02:30 am, after midnight. alert made by a relative who had accessed the home and had called the emergency services, as reported by the Provincial Firefighters Consortium.

Everything seems to indicate that the origin of the carbon monoxide would be in a bad combustion in the heating elements, which has caused the death of two men and a woman from the same family, as well as that of two pets, a dog and a cat.

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Firefighters from Catarroja, a command from Torrent and an officer from the Consortium have traveled to the house, located in the Plaza de la Región.

The firefighters, with gas detection equipment, have made the corresponding measurements and have ventilated the house until confirming that the presence of gas was no longer detected.

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