Before the Metz Criminal Court, Wednesday, September 8, around thirty people came to support Cassandre Fristot, prosecuted for “public provocation to racial hatred”. Some shout that “Cassandre is right! “, others pray.

But the one who has become an emblem for a part of the French extreme right preferred not to come and explain herself and let her lawyers plead her release in her absence. “A judicial evasion”, annoy the civil parties; “A question of security in the face of serious threats”, swear defense.

Back to the heart of summer, Saturday August 7. Cassandre Fristot is demonstrating in Metz against the health pass by brandishing a sign that goes around social networks. On the cardboard poster, the 33-year-old German teacher wrote a ” But who ? “ adorned with devil’s horns, a “Traitor” with three exclamation marks, and a list of thirteen names: “Fabius, Attali, Buzyn, Attal, Véran, BFM Drahi, Macron, Salomon, Rotschild, Soros, K. Schwab, BHL, Ferguson “.

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A “Sign with clearly anti-Semitic message”, reacts the next day the parquet of Metz, by opening an investigation. The Minister of the Interior tweets his arrest, national education suspends it. Search, custody, and hearing a month later … without the main interested party.

Denounce “the powerful”

The president of the Metz criminal court will have to be content to read aloud the explanations given by the defendant during her custody. Namely, that she only wanted to denounce ” the powerfuls “, “Identify those responsible” of health policy, certainly not aim “ any confession ”. She did not know the religion of most of the names, moreover, she said. Why, then, target Bernard-Henri Lévy, “BHL”, question the investigators? Because of its “Tweets validating the restrictions on freedoms”. How does this relate to the American billionaire of Hungarian Jewish origin George Soros, the Rothschild family and the founder of the Davos Forum, Klaus Schwab? “Representatives of financial power”, begins to develop Cassandre Fristot: “And I’ll stop there. “

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The horns ? She does not “Don’t explain it”. His lawyer, Paul Yon, former counsel to Marine Le Pen and negationist Robert Faurisson, pleads the “Decoration”. As for this ” But who ? “ central on his poster, Cassandre Fristot affirms to the investigators to have wanted “Ask about decision makers”. Nothing to do, then, with the fact that the same phrase has become a viral anti-Semitic slogan since the CNews interview in June with a former general. ” Who are you talking about ? But who ? ” Under the load of repeated questions, he ended up aiming “The community you know well”.

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