Three killed, 500 injured by scorpion swarm in Egypt

At least three people have been killed and 453 injured in the mountainous region of Egypt’s Aswan province, in the south of the country, due to a wave of scorpions that have left their nests due to a storm.

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The representation of the Ministry of Health and Population in the province has reported 89 people admitted to the Aswan University Hospital, according to the Egyptian newspaper ‘Al Ahram’. Another 118 patients have been hospitalized in Kom Ombo Central Hospital and the rest are in Drau, Nasr al Nuba, Edfu and Abu Simbel hospitals, ‘Al Arabiyah Misr’ reported.

The professor of the Center for Agricultural Engineering Ahmed Rizk has explained that the rains have pushed scorpions and snakes towards populated areas seeking refuge, especially in the higher areas. Rizk has indicated that people should avoid mountainous areas when there are torrential rains and has stressed that if they are bitten by animals, they should tie a cloth firmly next to the site of the bite to prevent the poison from reaching the heart and seek immediate hospital care to receive the antidote.

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